• 1/31/2021

    Establishment of Daam Specialized Care Center is a Testimony to the Valuable Role of the Social and Sports Activities Support Fund (Daam) as a Partner in Health Sector’s Transformation

    DAAM Specialized Care Center Providing Comprehensive Healthcare Services through Effective Collaboration Between Patients, Family and Staff

    Daam Specialized Care Center provides round-the-clock care to elderly Qatari patients who no longer need to be in hospital but require long-term, inpatient medical care.

    Doha, 31 January 2021: One year after its official opening, Daam Specialized Care Center continues to see remarkable developments and offer comprehensive healthcare services through effective collaboration and communication between patients and family members and the healthcare professionals involved in their care. Daam Specialized Care Center was named after the ‘Social and Sports Activities Support Fund (Daam) in recognition of the generous support from the Fund and its role in the establishment of Daam Specialized Care Center as a key partner in the development and advancement of the health sector.

    Dr. Hanadi Al Hamad, Medical Director of Rumailah Hospital, Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI), and Daam Specialized Care Center, expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the Social and Sports Activities Support Fund (Daam) for its contribution to the enhancement of healthcare services delivered to Qatari Patients. She explained that the specialist facility has developed into an exemplary facility for elderly Qatari patients that provides a combination of a step-down and long-term care service.

    Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Mannai, Executive Director of DAAM Fund for Social & Sports, praised the success achieved by DAAM Specialized Care Center in its first year of operation: “We take pride in the real and outstanding success, which is the result of decisions taken by our wise Board of Directors to establish the DAAM Fund as an innovative initiative aimed at supporting projects that make a difference in to Qatari society.”

    “Since its opening DAAM Specialized Care Center has caused a remarkable shift in the health and care for elderly patients who need special and prioritized care in particular. On this occasion, we would like to thank Hamad Medical Corporation for their commendable efforts and congratulate them on the success achieved in managing and operating the Center; turning it into a prominent medical facility that provides high-quality healthcare services. We are hopeful that this fruitful cooperation between HMC and DAAM Fund will continue with other similar projects,” Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Mannai added.

    Managed by Rumailah Hospital, the Center specializes in the treatment of male and female patients, predominantly aged 60 years and above, requiring longer-term care and support. Over the past year, the scope of services have expanded to include additional beds for Mechanical Ventilator and tracheostomy patients who require special assistance to help them breathe. In addition, two dedicated beds for Hemodialysis patients enables them to have their dialysis treatment done conveniently close by without having to travel to one of the dialysis centers. Daam Specialized Care Center is connected to the Enaya Specialized Care Centers via a link bridge, allowing for efficiencies in staffing, equipment, and space.

    “Daam Specialized Care Center was designed to help patients transition out from an acute hospital ward to a safe facility where they can continue to be monitored and receive necessary inpatient medical care for as long as they need specialized care but not be confined to an acute hospital ward,” said Dr. Al-Hamad.

    “We are geared to providing long-term care support but can also offer treatment to patients requiring short-term respite care. Our goal is to work with patients and their families to get them to be fit and confident enough to return home eventually and rejoin family life. To achieve this we need to ensure our patients can do this safely and that the families and home environments are ready to receive their loved ones. This is where good collaboration and communication is essential; it includes the professional support from our professional social workers and home health care services who can help make the transition from a Hamad facility to home more efficient and effective,” added Dr. Al-Hamad.

    Recognizing that some patients are likely to spend extended periods in the Center, additional facilities have been added for the comfort of residents. These include a recreational “Majilis” room and a gym to encourage socialization and fitness – all of which have been adapted to safeguard patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Daam Specialized Care Center has been working to achieve the Person-Centered Care Certification from Planetree International, which aims to prioritize the active participation of patients and their families throughout the healthcare process, emphasizing the focus on partnership, compassion, transparency, inclusion, and quality