• 4/23/2019
    Educating Children about Emergency Medical Services a Priority for
    HMC’s Ambulance Service

    The community outreach team from Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Ambulance Service are educating children at schools across Qatar about the life-saving role of the service. Mr. Ali Darwish, Assistant Executive Director of HMC’s Ambulance Service explained the importance of engaging children at a young age. 

    “Our Ambulance Service has expanded rapidly throughout this decade and we now receive hundreds of 999 calls every day. As our ‘Know the 5 to save a life’ campaign emphasizes, it is extremely important that members of the public understand how to correctly interact with the Ambulance Service in the event of a medical emergency. By communicating with children, we can help them understand from a young age the service our teams provide and how they can play their part in helping to save lives,” said Mr. Darwish.

    The Ambulance Service community outreach team visits hundreds of primary schools, secondary schools, and colleges each year in Qatar, including independent, private, and international schools. Mr. Ali Rahimi, Lead Instructor with the community outreach team, explained the initiative is also part of HMC’s effort to introduce members of the public to basic life support training. 

    “These school visits enable us to engage, in person, with thousands of children each year. This is an extremely valuable way to educate young people about the role of our Ambulance Service teams as well as to teach important first aid techniques. For secondary schools and colleges, we also introduce Basic Life Support training. We visit nurseries with children as young as three years old and it’s incredible how inquisitive and genuinely interested they are in what we do. The young children love having the opportunity to explore an ambulance and are always fascinated by the flashing lights, sirens, and medical equipment,” said Mr. Rahimi.

    Mr. Sean Sibley, Headmaster of Doha English Speaking School (DESS), explained that DESS is one of the international schools to have recently benefitted from a dedicated education program delivered by the Ambulance Service’s community outreach team. 

    “DESS has been delighted to collaborate with HMC’s Ambulance Service over the past few years and we recently developed a four-day program where the community outreach team visited our school and delivered educational sessions to children aged seven to eleven years old,” said Mr. Sibley.

    “At DESS, we fully appreciate the important role that HMC’s Ambulance Service provides and we understand that any one of us, teachers and students, could suddenly find ourselves in urgent need of their help. We see educational activities such as these as an essential part of providing a well-rounded education to our children and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the Ambulance Service in the future,” added Mr. Sibley. 

    Any school wishing to request a visit from the Ambulance Service community outreach team should email hashour@hamad.qa