• 11/10/2019

    Doha, 9 November, 2019: Our Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement has been presented with the ‘Early Adopters of the Planetree Fellow in Person-Centered Care Program Award’ by internationally renowned US-based healthcare consultants Planetree International. 

    The award was presented to Mr. Nasser Al Naimi, Deputy Chief of Quality, CPESE and Director for Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute, Mr Ali Al Khater, Chief Communications Officer, and Dr Khalid Al Jalham, Director of the Ambulatory Care Center, during a gala award ceremony designed to recognize leadership in the field of person-centered care. 

    “In 2018, HMC signed a three-year partnership with Planetree to strengthen CPESE’s capabilities by providing strategic direction and support to further enhance our commitment to ‘putting the patient first’,’’ explained Mr. Al Naimi.
    “Since signing the partnership, the CPESE team has been working to implement the Planetree Fellowship Program which aims to recognize qualified healthcare professionals and students who have successfully expanded their knowledge of person-centered approaches and applied this knowledge in the field. We are honored to receive this award which recognizes the priority we put on person-centered care across HMC,” added Mr Al Naimi. 

    HMC is the first hospital system in the world to implement the Planetree Fellowship Program, with the first group expected to graduate next year. 
    This fellowship program is based on the principles of Person Centered Care and requires individuals to participate and provide evidence for a range of activities based on the three domains of learning, doing, and sharing: 
    - LEARNING – the activities focus on continuous learning to inform one’s professional pursuits and passions related to person-centered care.  
    - DOING – the activities focus on practical ways on how they have applied their knowledge of person-centered care in the field. This includes working directly with the patients and their family members. It also involves improvement activities and community service.
    - SHARING – the focus is on sharing with patients and family members, staff and the broader community on person centered care practices and educating them on ways that improves their health and wellbeing.

    “We are proud to announce the new individual credential, Fellow in Person-Centered Care, which recognizes competency in the principles and practice of person-centered care, and is a major milestone in the field. Working together, Planetree and HMC’s dedicated CPESE team, under the leadership of Mr Nasser Al Naimi, have developed a unique recognition of excellence. The Fellow in Person-Centered Care credential not only signifies a thorough knowledge base of person-centered care, but requires evidence of the practical application of that knowledge to one’s work with patients, families and colleagues, and specific ways in which both the knowledge and practice have been shared in order to advance the field of patient experience,” said Ms Susan Frampton, President of Planetree International. 

    The first phase of the program involves working with five HMC facilities (Ambulatory Care Center, Communicable Disease Center, Enaya, Home Health Care and Private Nursing), and the plan is to ensure all HMC organizations achieve this certification over the coming years.