• 3/24/2019

    ​HMC Set to Host One of the Region’s Largest Patient Experience Forums

    Doha, 24 March, 2019: Qatar’s first Patient Experience Forum – which is set to be one of the largest healthcare conferences held in the region – was officially launched today by Her Excellency Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, Minister of Public Health during the Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

    The Patient Experience Forum, taking place on 16 and 17 November in Doha, is expected to draw over 1,000 delegates from Qatar and across the region.

    Delivered by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in partnership with internationally renowned US-based healthcare consultants Planetree Inc., the conference will highlight the importance of involving patients, and their families and caregivers, in every decision that impacts the care they receive.  

    Commenting on the importance of patient-centered care, Her Excellency Dr. Al Kuwari said: “Great care is not just about having highly qualified care teams, the latest technology, or the best services and facilities – it is also about treating patients in the way they want to be treated. This means respecting their values, preferences, and needs.”

    “Ensuring that patients and their families are central to decision making related to their care is now recognized as a key component of high-quality healthcare. The launch of the Patient Experience Forum represents one of many initiatives that will help to propel us forward on our journey towards a more patient-centered approach to care and a real partnership with patients.”

    Mr. Nasser Al Naimi, Deputy Chief of Quality at HMC, Center for Patient Experience and Staff Experience (CPESE) and Director, Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute (HHQI) echoed Her Excellency’s sentiments. He said the decision to hold the Forum not only highlighted HMC’s continued commitment to providing its patients with the most effective and compassionate care but also underlined the growing importance of the role of patients, family members, and caregivers across the continuum of care.

    “Patient-centered care is about doing things for the patient with the patient. Collaborating with patients, family members, and caregivers while addressing the patient’s medical needs helps us identify their expectations based on the patient’s individual values and preferences.  This combined effort benefits both the patient and the healthcare system,” explained Mr. Al Naimi.

    “The Forum will provide a platform for discussion around a more empathic and collaborative approach to care. Delivering high-quality care is at the heart of HMC and this conference. I encourage everyone who is working in healthcare, in whatever capacity, to join us at this Forum,” added Mr. Al Naimi.

    Her Excellency Dr. Al Kuwari was updated on two other important patient experience initiatives - a mobile library for patients and a storybook describing the healthcare experience of patients from their own personal perspective. Both initiatives have been spearheaded by the CPESE team to improve the experience of patients at HMC.

    Commenting on the establishment of the mobile library, Mr. Al Naimi noted: “The patient library, which is being piloted at Qatar Rehabilitation Institute, serves as a source of leisure and entertainment for patients during their hospital stay. Patients are able to select from a range of books by browsing through a catalog of multi-language book titles using an online library system managed by the hospital’s Nesma’ak team. CPESE has collaborated with the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to liaise with embassies across Qatar to donate books to the library. This collaboration will ensure we have books available in most of the native languages of our patients. Our long-term aim is to offer patients one of the most varied selections of multi-language books in the world. A book donation drive has also been organized and we encourage staff and members of the public to donate books at the designated donation boxes placed at Nesma’ak counters.”

    Mr. Al Naimi emphasized the importance of making the patient experience a positive one by explaining the role of the patient storybook, which was also on display at the Middle East Forum. He said: “The patient storybook is a collection of positive stories from HMC patients about their own care experiences. It provides readers with an opportunity to understand their journey and their perception of the healthcare services they received.”

    He continued: “By giving a voice to our patients, the patient storybook will encourage healthcare professionals and caregivers at HMC to deliver a positive care experience. Additionally, other patients and family members who may be undergoing a similar journey can draw inspiration from these stories.”

    For more information about the Patient Experience Forum and to register your interest in attending, visit http://pef2019.hamad.qa. For further information about the Patient Storybook or the Patient Library, please contact CPESEComms@hamad.qa.