• 7/30/2019

    ​34% Increase in Outpatients and 13% Rise in Inpatients at Ophthalmology Department Since 2016

    Doha, 30 July, 2019: Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) will welcome its first ophthalmology outpatients on Sunday, 4 August, following the permanent move of clinics from Hamad General and Rumailah Hospitals. The move will be followed later in the month by the relocation of all ophthalmology surgical services from Rumailah Hospital and all ophthalmology outpatient services from Hamad General Hospital, except emergency services, which will continue to be offered at Hamad General Hospital’s Emergency Department.

    Dr. Fatima Al Mansouri, Senior Consultant and Head of HMC’s Ophthalmology Department said the move to the Ambulatory Care Center will provide both patients and care teams with a more spacious environment. She said care teams will be able to accommodate a larger number of patients, offering an improved patient experience. Dr. Al Mansouri noted there are also plans to introduce several new services at the Department’s new location, including refractive eye surgery.

    “To ensure as smooth a transition as possible for our patients, our team has spent many months preparing for the move of our ophthalmology services from Hamad General Hospital and Rumailah Hospital to the Ambulatory Care Center. I am delighted that we will now be able to offer a complete service, including clinics, surgery, and inpatient stays at this fantastic facility which will enable us to provide even more patients with the best possible care,” said Dr. Al Mansouri.

    Dr. Al Mansouri noted that the Ophthalmology Department has seen a 34 percent rise in outpatients and a 13 percent increase in inpatients since 2016. She said the relocation of services to the new facility means that patients will now be able to access all their care needs, including pre- and post-surgical care, within the same location. The move to the new facility will also ensure patients have access to the most technologically advanced operating theaters and treatment rooms.

    The move of the remaining ophthalmology clinics will signal the final phase in the relocation of services to the Ambulatory Care Center; the Ambulatory Care Center welcomed its first patients to outpatient clinics in mid-2017 as part of a phased opening of the new facility, which was officially opened along with the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI) and the Women’s Wellness and Research Center (WWRC) in December 2017.

    Dr. Khalid Al Jalham, Director of the Ambulatory Care Center, said the move of the remaining ophthalmology clinics to the Ambulatory Care Center means that patients will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the ‘one stop shop’ model.

    “The number of patients being seen at the ACC continues to increase and the feedback we have received from those visiting our new facility for the first time is extremely positive. Being able to offer not only clinical but also surgical procedures in a single location means that we can provide the very best care to our patients with minimum inconvenience or disruption to their schedule. Providing our patients with the right care, at the right time, and in the right place is what we as clinicians are committed to delivering. I believe that the services, treatment, and care offered at the Ambulatory Care Center go a long way to delivering on this commitment,” said Dr. Al Jalham.

    Ophthalmology outpatient clinics are located on the sixth floor of the Ambulatory Care Center, while the operating theaters are located on the second floor. Inpatient and admissions are located in the neighboring Qatar Rehabilitation Institute; both buildings are linked via a bridge.