• 10/31/2018
     Al Khater says clinic and staff ready and equipped to receive patients

    Today Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) officially opened its Sealine Medical Clinic, located in the southern part of the country near Mesaieed City. This is the ninth consecutive year that the healthcare organization has operated the clinic, which will begin receiving patients at 3pm today (Thursday) and will remain open until mid-April.

    Mr. Ali Al Khater, Chief Communications Officer at HMC and Project Manager for the Sealine Medical Center, said HMC operates the clinic each year to ensure medical care, and specifically emergency medical services, are available for residents during the busy camping season.

    “Today’s opening of the Hamad Medical Clinic at Sealine signals the beginning of what will no doubt be another busy camping season. Our annual operation of this clinic demonstrates HMC’s commitment to providing the best possible healthcare to campers in the Sealine and surrounding areas,” said Mr. Al Khater, who is also Chair of the Ministry of Public Health’s Healthcare Communications Committee.

    Mr. Al Khater noted that HMC and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment collaborate each year to establish the clinic. He said the location of the clinic provides easy access for both campers and other visitors and efficient transfer to hospital for patients with more serious medical conditions.

    “The clinic is located very close to the seashore, on the same site where it has been located for the last four years. The clinic is located close to popular camping areas to facilitate easier access should healthcare services be required by residents or visitors,” said Mr. Al Khater.

    He thanked the Ministry of Municipality and Environment for its continued commitment to the clinic, noting recent improvements such as the paving of the road leading to the clinic which has allowed for easier access. He further thanked Mr. Mohamed Al Dosari, Project Supervisor for the Hamed Medical Clinic and the clinic staff, including doctors and nurses, Ambulance Service staff, and clinic administrators for their dedication to caring for patients. He said it is only through the collaboration of many people that HMC is able to continue providing this important service throughout the camping season. Mr. Al Khater also urged campers and others who frequent the area to respect safety and security procedures and to take the necessary precautions when enjoying recreational activities. 

    Dr. Hamid Ghareeb, Consultant at HMC’s Medical Administration Department and Medical Supervisor of the Sealine Medical Clinic, said the clinic will operate every weekend during the camping season, opening each Thursday at 3pm and remaining open until Saturday at 5pm. The clinic, which will also provide services during public holidays, will receive patients with minor health concerns, as well as emergency cases. He noted there is also a helicopter landing area to transfer patients who have urgent medical needs or severe injuries to hospital. 

    Mr. Saleh Nasser Al Mejareh Al Marri, Operations Manager for HMC’s Ambulance Service, said in addition to its regular round-the-clock emergency coverage in the Sealine area, the Ambulance Service will permanently station two ambulances and two 4x4 emergency vehicles in the area. He said the Ambulance Service is ready to transport emergency cases from the desert to the clinic or hospital, or to the helicopter landing area, as required. 

    “As a result of ongoing collaboration between HMC and Qatar Tourism Authority, we have 11 ambulances stationed in the Sealine area during peak times. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and during holidays, there will be six ambulances, five 4x4 emergency vehicles stationed at the Sealine Medical Clinic, and our LifeFlight service will also be available for more critical cases,” said Mr. Al Marri.