• 10/17/2018
    This week Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) will host the First Qatar Urolithiasis Forum 2018, from 18 to 19 October at the Sheraton Grand Doha. The two-day conference will be attended by more than 300 healthcare professionals from Qatar and around the world.

    The Forum, which will be held for the first time in the region, will include discussions about the latest developments in the field of urolithiasis. Urolithiasis is the formation of stones in the kidney, bladder, and/or urethra (urinary tract). Depending on where a stone is located, it may be called a kidney stone, ureteral stone, or bladder stone. 

    The event will bring together some of the world’s leading specialists in the diagnosis and management of urolithiasis. In addition to hearing from urolithiasis experts, attendees will benefit from live demonstrations, lectures, and discussions led by local and international specialists.

    Commenting on this unique event, Dr. Khaled Al Rumaihi, Head of Urology at HMC’s Ambulatory Care Center and Chairman of the Forum’s organizing committee, said the event will be an important learning opportunity for those involved in the care of patients with urolithiasis. 

    “On behalf of the organizing committee, it gives me great pleasure to invite healthcare professionals from across Qatar to the First Qatar Urolithiasis Forum. The forum will feature state-of-the-art presentations on various topics in the field of stone management. Leading international urology experts, such as Dr. Michael Grasso and Dr. Mahesh Desai, will speak at the event. The Forum will also feature scientific lectures delivered by leading delegates from Qatar, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Kuwait, Oman, and a number of other countries,” said Dr. Al Rumaihi.

    According to Dr. Abdulla Al Naimi, Senior Consultant in Urology at HMC and Head of the Forum’s Scientific Committee, delegates from across HMC’s network of hospitals, including Hamad General Hospital, Al Wakra Hospital, and Al Khor Hospital, will be among the event’s attendees. He said medical and surgical techniques for the treatment of urolithiasis, as well as prevention strategies, will be demonstrated and discussed. 
    A pre-conference event held in collaboration with the Hamad International Training Center took place at the Millennium Doha Hotel on 16 and 17 October 2018. That event included workshops covering a number of topics, including the management of urinary calculi. Workshops also focused on lithotripsy, prostatolithotomy, and urinary tract stone fragmentation procedures.
    For further information on the First Qatar Urolithiasis Forum 2018, visit: https://www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/QUF2018/Pages/default.aspx