• 11/30/2017

    The three-day 6th Surgical Research and Innovation Ideas Symposium hosted by Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Department of Surgery and Medical Research Center was attended by over 400 staff from HMC along with other participants from Qatar’s healthcare, academic, and research communities. It showcased the creativity, innovation, and enthusiasm of research clinicians across HMC’s surgical and perioperative units.

    The event allowed clinical perioperative staff across different specialties to think unconventionally, building complementing research ideas and using new perspectives to generate ideas that are scrutinized before being tested in real life.

    On behalf of Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari, Acting Chief Medical Officer for HMC, the symposium was opened by the Medical Director of Al Wakra Hospital and Vice Chairman of Surgery, Dr. Sabah Al Kadhi. Commenting on the event, he said: “The 6th Surgical Research Symposium builds on the success of previous surgical symposia. It has become an excellent venue for sharing knowledge and fostering scientific and ethically strong research initiatives that will benefit effective, evidence-based, and compassionate patient care and contribute to the well-being of Qatar’s population.”

    Participants from hospitals across Qatar presented and then debated their research proposals with an invited panel of international and local research and innovation experts from the University of Hong Kong, Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar, Sidra Medicine, and HMC. Participants heard from speakers who discussed several relevant topics, including the evolution from an idea into a research proposal, challenges to clinical research in Qatar, and publication issues faced by authors.

    Professor David Sigalet, Chief of Surgery at Sidra Medicine commented that he was very impressed with the initiative taken by HMC’s Department of Surgery. He congratulated the organizers on an excellent initiative, stating: “This type of research symposium is critical for the growth of academic surgery in Qatar. The breadth of study and the energy of the surgeons presenting is incredible; our job as mentors is to support their growth.”

    The invited panel scrutinized the research submissions, provided constructive comments, and guided participants to develop the full potential of their research ideas and medical writing skills. Presenters also participated in one-on-one in-depth workshops.

    Professor Shahrad Taheri, Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar, commented that the symposium demonstrates the enthusiasm of HMC’s clinical teams in identifying and developing the best evidence to improve patient care. “The breadth and quality of research ideas were impressive and have been improving steadily over the last few years. I see great scope for future successful collaborations between HMC’s Department of Surgery and other healthcare and research organizations in Qatar.”

    After the symposium, three promising research protocols from the orthopedic and general surgery subsections were awarded cash prizes. Two further research protocols from urology and orthopedic surgery were acknowledged as honorable mentions.