• 12/24/2017
    The Wound Management and Prevention initiative launched by Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Home Healthcare Services (HHCS) in 2008 is not only positively impacting on patients’ quality of life but is also reducing stress on the system by providing services to patients outside of the hospital setting.

    In recent years, wound care has become one of the fastest growing requirements for home healthcare services in Qatar. Providing wound care in patients’ homes smooths the transition from care provided in the hospital setting and helps ease pressure on inpatient and emergency services.

    “The HHCS multidisciplinary approach for wound management was launched due to increased community demand and is an important part of HMC’s strategy to decentralize services. The homecare model helps ease pressure on our emergency services and our outpatient clinics. It also helps to reduce the number of hospital admissions,” says Dr. Essa Mubarak Al Sulaiti, Medical Director of HHCS.

    The internationally-accredited HHCS currently cares for over 1,600 patients across Qatar. According to Dr. Al Sulaiti, patients are visited according to their individualized plan of care by a multidisciplinary team. Dr. Al Sulaiti, who was appointed as the first Medical Director of the HHCS in 2015, said the service has undergone a transformation in recent years, transitioning from a nursing-care model to incorporate physicians and specialty-care clinicians.

    “Year on year we are continuing to advance to meet the demands of our patients. We have a comprehensive strategy to improve the range of services provided to patients in their home and are continuing to increase the number of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals serving in different specialties,” said Dr. Al Sulaiti

    Ms. Antonia Limpiada, Assistant Executive Director of Nursing with the HHCS, said the wound management initiative has reduced patients’ daily visits to outpatient clinics, adding that the services provide care to both pediatric and adult patients with complex wounds.

    “The Home Healthcare Service has four subspecialty wound care nurses who oversee and manage the Wound Management and Prevention Program. Our service not only cares for patients requiring specialized treatment but we also ensure that patients receive the appropriate education to care for themselves and to avoid future complications. Since the start of our service, we have seen a decrease in hospital admissions for wound management,” added Ms. Limpiada.

    Ms. Limpiada went on to say that each wound care patient receives an individualized plan of care and that the patient’s adherence to their care plan is ensured through regular follow-up visits by subspecialty teams.

    Homecare services are available daily from 7am to 8pm for any patient who meets the service’s criteria. HHCS, which is based in Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City, has satellite locations in Al Khor and Al Wakra.