• 4/23/2017
    Doha, 23 April, 2017: Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute together with the Corporate Quality and Patient Safety Office has partnered with the US-based Joint Commission International (JCI) to organize year-long foundational quality management workshops for HMC’s chief executive officers, senior leaders, clinicians and other frontline clinical staff.

    The training, which gives a boost to quality improvement initiatives across HMC, aligns closely with the corporation’s ongoing investment in quality improvement education and training for staff. This is a significant priority expressed by Her Excellency Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, Minister of Public Health, and supported by the Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute’s (HHQI) Education and Training Strategy and Corporate Quality and Patient Safety program.

    The first cohort commenced their training program on 2 April, concluding the sessions on 6 April. Participants learned about the basic principles, concepts, definitions, and methods of quality management and improvement. Sessions also covered the role of leadership in promoting quality and a culture of safety. The second workshop will be held from 21 to 26 May.

    HMC’s Chief Quality Officer, Dr. Ronald Wyatt, explained that session participants engage in a variety of tabletop group exercises designed to use basic tools and methods of quality management. There is also an opportunity to learn how to use quality management tools.

    He added that each didactic session in the workshops is complemented with small group exercises to ensure participants develop competencies in applying concepts and in using methods and tools in a practical setting within their hospital or facility.

    “The year-long quality management workshops for HMC’s CEOs, senior leaders and, clinicians are based on the “all teach, all learn” approach. HMC staff have a lot of expertise and experience in the areas of quality management and patient safety which they can share with others. This very valuable learning opportunity is offered to our clinical staff and will soon also be offered to non-clinical staff,” said Dr. Moza Al Ishaq, Executive Director of the Corporate Quality and Patient Safety Program at HMC.

    According to Dr. Al Ishaq, the program aims to provide a consistent, common, and practical understanding of quality improvement for staff across HMC while aligning with other quality education efforts. The training workshops are also intended to embed a sustainable capacity for continuous improvement throughout the organization. 

    “Each project team will implement a priority improvement project over six to twelve months with clear goals relating to communication, accountability, learning and sharing. To date, we have already completed the HMC-JCI workshops dedicated solely to facilitators, CEOs, senior leaders, clinicians, physicians and other healthcare workers,” added Dr. Al Ishaq.

    The program is supported by HMC’s Qatar Management Education Program (QMEP) faculty - Dr. Moza Abdul-Latif Abdulla, Dr. Jameela Ali Al Ajmi, Dr. Adnan Mohammed, Dr. Osamma Elfadi, Mr. Almunzer Zakria, Dr. Reham Hassan, Dr. Khawla Ahmed Ali Athamneh, Dr. Amal Shaaban Abousaad and Dr. Ronald Wyatt. 

    The JCI contingent faculty includes Dr. Richard Wright and Dr. Mary Geary. Facilitators also include HHQI representatives, IHI/HMC Fellows and Clinical Care Improvement Training Program coaches.