Sunday, 27 June 2021







 2pm to 2:30pm

 Imaging of Immunotherapy

Atul B. Shinagare

Dr. Wojciech Szmigielski

Dr. Ahmed Abdelmoneim

Dr. Abbas Helmy

7:00 AM Boston Time

2:30pm to 3pm

Case-Based Abdominal IgG4-Related Disease

Mark Anderson

 7:30am Boston Time

3pm to 3:30pm


8:00am Boston Time

3:30pm to 4pm

 Approach to Solid Renal Masses

Atul B. Shinagare

Dr. Akram Twair

Dr. Sushila Ladumor

Ms. Ahlem Jouini

Ms. Salwa Bawazir

8:30 AM Boston Time

4pm to 4:30pm

 Cystic Renal Masses – Bosniak Classification Version 2019 What’s new

Atul B. Shinagare

9:00am Boston Time

4:30pm to 5pm

Urinary Bladder Cancer – Role of Imaging

Atul B. Shinagare

9:30am Boston Time

5pm to 5:30pm

MR Imaging in Male Pelvis: Applications of MRI in non-prostate indications: case-based approach

Mukesh Harisinghani

10:00 AM Boston Time

5:30pm to 5:45pm


 Atul, Mukesh

10:30 AM Boston Time (Live)

5:45pm to 6pm


6pm to 6:30pm

MpMRI in Prostate: Tips for optimal technique

Mukesh Harisinghani

Dr. Tahyia Alyafei

Dr. Aalaa Kambal

Dr. Devendra Kumar

Ms. Kholoud Al Janahi

11:00 AM Boston Time

6:30pm to 7pm 

PI-RADS: Overview of version 2.1

Mukesh Harisinghani

11:30am Boston Time

7pm to 7:30pm

Infectious/Inflammatory Conditions of the GU Tract

Mukesh Harisinghani

12:00pm Boston Time

7:30pm to 7:45pm



12:30PM Boston Time (Live)

7:45pm to 8:00pm


12:45pm Boston Time

8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Interactive Case-based Workshop,

Akram Twair and Sushila Ladumor

External moderators (Mukesh)

1:00pm Boston Time

End of Day 3