Dr. Heba Al Farhan

Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist – Advanced IBD Specialist in Thunayan Al Ghamin Gastroenterology Center, Al Amiri Hospital- Kuwait

  • Vice president of Kuwaiti gastroenterology association.
  • Executive board member and comcom vice chair at the (International Bowel Ultrasound Group E.V. Society- Ibus)
  • Accredited trainer in bowel ultrasound from association International Bowel Ultrasound Group E.V.
  • Completed Internal Medicine program & became Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialization (KIMS) board certification.
  • Member of the Royal College of Physician in United Kingdom (MRCP-UK).
  • Board certified in adult gastroenterology & hepatology from Saudi board of gastroenterology program.
  • Sub-specialty training in advanced inflammatory bowel disease fellowship from university of Calgary in Canada.
  • She was trained also in doing bowel images & point of care ultrasound to assess the IBD related large & small bowel disease in university of Calgary Canada & became an executive board member in the association international Bowel ULTRASOUND GROUP E.V. mainly Vice Chair of The Communication Committee.
  • She had multiple publications that were accepted in the international journals concentrating on the importance of point of care bowel ultrasound for IBD patients. Last was defining transabdominal intestinal Ultrasound treatment response and remission in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Systemic review and expert consensus statement. Journal of Crohn’s and colitis. Autumn 2021.