Dr. Haytham N. Elsalhat

Dr. Haytham N. Elsalhat is an accomplished surgeon with over three decades of experience specializing in surgical oncology with a concentration in colorectal surgery. After graduating from the Medical school of Debrecen in Hungary, Dr. Elsalhat underwent extensive training in surgical oncology, earning fellowship status in the Royal College of Surgeons Glasgow and the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Elsalhat also carries board certification in surgical oncology from the European Board of Surgical Oncology and serves as an examiner.

Currently serving as the President of the UAE chapter of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Elsalhat also holds the prestigious title of Adjunct Professor of Surgery from UAEU School of Medicine and holds the positions of chief of staff and the chief of surgical
oncology in Mediclinic Airport road in Abu Dhabi. Dr. Elsalhat's pioneering work in Laparoscopy has contributed to the advancement of surgical oncology in the UAE. In addition, Dr. Elsalhat has conducted extensive research on oncology, namely colorectal malignancies, resulting in numerous publications and book chapters.

Dr. Elsalhat is a member of several local and international societies and has been honored with numerous awards in their field of work. One of their notable achievements includes being named "Teacher of the Year" in all SEHA facilities in the surgical residency program in 2012. Dr. Elsalhat's contributions to the field of surgical oncology continue to be recognized, and he remains dedicated to providing excellent patient care and advancing the field of surgical oncology through research and education.