Quality Poster Winners  ​

This year’s fifth annual Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2017 saw over 430 submissions – many of which were of a very high standard. All selected posters were put through 2 tiers of assessments based on select strict judgement criteria. These criteria included innovation and novelty, benefit to the system and patients, clarity of message, clear measures and indictors and evidence of sustainability. 
The winning posters were selected by an independent panel, including members from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.
100 posters were shortlisted for the exhibition in the Knowledge Zone at the ME Forum and the winners were selected from these finalists.
Submissions were accepted in 3 different categories – these included:
  • Improving population health
  • Improving patient experience
  • Better value and reducing cost
In addition, delegates were asked yesterday to vote for their preferred poster in each category and we are also recognizing the public choice awards today.
This high level of participation demonstrates the dedication of the teams who have worked on these projects. It shows the pride they have in their work and what they have accomplished and their commitment and willingness to share their learnings with others.
Everyone who submitted a poster is a winner as they are champions of improving the quality of care for their patients.

Posters Awards   

Improving Population Health:

 Poster Code 301 - 3rd prize​                                    Download​
 Poster Code 302 -2nd prize                                    Download
 Poster Code 328 -1st prize                                     Download
 Postal Code 315 -Public Choice Award                   Download

Improving Patient Experience:

 Poster Code 206 - 3rd prize​                                    Download
 Poster Code 201 -2nd prize                                    Download
 Poster Code 207 -2nd prize                                    Download
 Poster Code 203 -1st prize                                     Download
 Postal Code 221 -Public Choice Award                   Download

Better Value and Reducing Cost:

 Poster Code 103 - 3rd prize​                                    Download
 Poster Code 101 - 3rd prize​                                    Download
 Poster Code 125 -2nd prize                                    Download
 Poster Code 124 -1st prize                                     Download
 Postal Code 123 -Public Choice Award                   Download