Welcome to the Sexual Health Clinic

In 2019, CDC initiated Sexual health care clinic besides other comprehensive infectious disease medical care.

The sexual health clinic was initially started as one clinic per week and was then increased to twice per week.

Currently, we provide counselling, diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive medical care for sexually transmitted infections in collaboration with other medical services in HMC if needed, but nevertheless we take care of patients’ issues in a very sensitive and confidential manner from the moment of initial contact.

As part of the CDC vision, we are aiming to evolve our sexual health service to a more comprehensive care that involves other parts of sexual health.

Your visit

If you don’t feel comfortable to show or tell your ID; it’s fine, as we can still provide you with advice regarding medical and other issues related to your sexual life. However, your ID is needed to provide investigations or treatment. We would like to remind you that your records of visit details will be available only to the communicable disease team.

Always remember that early care seeking gives more chance for effective diagnostics and treatment, sub consequently best cure chance and avoidance of complications and transmission of infections.

Contact for Appointment:

If you think yourself or your partner is at risk of having STI, please contact us as soon as possible on 40254022/40254025 from 07:00 AM to 03:00 AM, to tell us your problem and concerns so we can help you.