The Communicable disease Center (CDC) encompasses a state of the art multi-disciplinary, well-equipped and comprehensive TB laboratory. The laboratory serves as the National Reference TB laboratory and provides all public and private health sectors TB diagnostics on a national level. The lab follows WHO & CAP guidelines for diagnosis.

TB LAB conducts and processes a wide range of TB tests and analyses using the latest technology, ensuring Communicable Disease Center (CDC) teams and other physicians to have access to all the relevant information required to make clinical diagnoses and monitor patient progress, while patient undergo treatment.

The laboratory is a bio-safety category three TB lab and consists of a committed team of skilled clinical consultants, clinical scientists, and medical technologists with expertise in the use of sophisticated laboratory equipment. In addition to diagnostics, the lab conducts and is involved in education programs for Qatar university students, residents and fellow doctors. The lab is also involved in TB research with Hamad medical corperation, National and international group.

The main location is at Rumailah Campus and other satellite lab is situated at Cuban & Al-Khor Hospitals for GeneXpert screening.

Our Services:

We provide laboratory diagnostics testing for Tuberculosis disease for all public and private health sectors in Qatar.
Laboratory guide for healthcare professionals is available on i-Tawasol (Intranet). It outlines our services and is a guide for professional users of the laboratory.  

Operating Hours:

TB Reference Lab receives samples during normal working days (7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.) and weekends 2 technologists will be available for Special procedures from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

A clinical scientist will be physically present in the lab on Fridays for validating & releasing after which time he will provide 24 hrs. consultation coverage as per rotation.