Dr. Khalid Elawad

Dr Khalid Elawad is a Medical Doctor and Public Health Consultant.

With over 21 years of international experience in the field of Public Health, working both in developing and developed nations, Dr Khalid is currently the Health Protection Manager at Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) in Doha, Qatar. 

Dr Khalid’s role is key in the development and shaping of Qatar’s national healthcare strategy. More specifically, as the Health Protection Manager, Dr Khalid manages two distinct departments, Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) and Communicable Disease Control (CDC), both of which operate closely with various sectors across the Health Centers, ensuring the delivery of high-quality systems that range from disease surveillance, monitoring and response, staff and community training as well as numerous other support systems. 

In addition to the role as the Health Protection Manager, Dr Khalid is also heavily involved in various local committees, such as the Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee, the Infection Prevention and Control Committee, Public health committee, National health protection committee.  Dr Khalid is also a member of many international committees and institutions.

Moreover, Dr Khalid has also public several research studies I the field of Infection Control, as well as co-authoring multiple books focused on Health Promotion and Communicable Disease Prevention. 

More recently, Dr Khalid’s role has been heavily focused on the COVID-19 Pandemic. As one of the key members involved in the fight against the pandemic, Dr Khalid has led his team in the successful healthcare response to COVID across multiple areas, such as: the development and implementation of guidelines (for example, positive patient pathways the use of PPE during COVID), the contact tracing of staff and the training of healthcare workers. Furthermore, Dr Khalid successfully aided the planning and implementation of the Nationwide COVID-19 vaccination programmes which successfully helped to curb the spread of COVID within the community.