Dr. Zeina Nouhad Chemali

Dr. Chemali is a neuropsychiatrist who completed residencies in Neurology and Psychiatry.  She joined the faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital as the Director of the Neuropsychiatry Fellowship and Clinic.  Dr. Chemali teaches and supervises trainees and junior members of faculty.  In addition, she oversees complex patients with neuropsychiatric conditions.  Her clinical interests and expertise revolve around the practice of neuropsychiatry.  Dr. Chemali is actively involved in clinical work, and academic leadership roles.  She founded the Neuropsychiatry Outpatient Clinics at  Massachusetts General Hospital, which currently serves as the core-training program to neurology and psychiatry residents and fellows in Massachusetts General Hospital Behavioral Neurology-Neuropsychiatry Fellowship (MGH-BNNP). 

Dr. Chemali places an emphasis on Early Onset Dementia (EOD), the most challenging diagnosis cared for in neuropsychiatry and developed clinical programs around the globe on the identification and management of such cases.  These programs aim to standardize the evaluation and treatment of patients with early onset dementia.  She has expanded her clinical expertise into the Developmental Disorders Clinic (Adult Down Syndrome and Williams Syndrome) and started the Comprehensive Tinnitus Clinic at MEEI for tinnitus, an neuropsychiatric disorder presenting with otologic, cognitive, behavioral and affective symptoms.