Dr. Ahmad M. Almai

Dr. Almai graduated from King Faisal University School of Medicine, Saudi Arabia.  His early career included paediatric residency training.  He received the diploma of child health (DCH) from the college of physicians and surgeons, Dublin, Ireland.  He then completed general psychiatry, child psychiatry and research residency at Yale University.

Dr. Almai was appointed as assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Yale University, School of Medicine in 1999.  He has publications and research articles in various Scientific American journals and other publications and serves on editorial board for medical journals.  Dr. Almai is American Board certified in both general psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry.  He chairs the annual Child Mental Health Conference.  His most recent publication is The Arab Encyclopedia of Child Mental Health.  He joined SKMC Psychiatric Hospital as Head of Child Psychiatry Service in August 2011.  Dr. Almai is the Chairman for the Examination Committee for the Arab Board of Child Psychiatry and member of the UAE Higher Committee for Child Protection.