​​​Star of Excellence
Nesma’ak Customer Service Program
Nesma’ak is Hamad Medical Corporation’s New Customer Service Program launched in June 2016. Since its launch, patient feedback has increased by more than 500%. Over the last 15 months, a total of 4,181 complaints, 8,745 written comments, and 3,537 written compliments have been received.

Part of the program is the launch of a new call center with an easy to recall five-digit telephone number: 16060, to make it easier for patients or visitors to remember should they need to ask questions, change their appointments, and make comments or file complaints.

The success of the program is further evidenced by Nesma’ak program winning the Middle East Customer Experience Conference & Awards 2016 held in Dubai, UAE in two categories: ’Best Implementation of a Customer Experience Program‘ and ’The Customer Experience Program of the Year.’

​​​Rising Star
HGH OPD- Improved Patient Flow and Reduction in Crowding
In May 2016, Hamad General Hospital (HGH) migrated to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) with the aim of improving the quality and safety of healthcare within the hospital.

The HGH-HIM Department in collaboration with the Outpatient Department (OPD) implemented a program optimizing the follow-up appointment booking process, to allow the booking of the appointment inside the clinic, rather than asking the patient to return to the reception desk to book an appointment.

​​​Awards of Merit
Transforming Lives to Build Independence
The ‘Transforming Lives to Build Independence’ project is one-of-its-kind in Qatar as it is focused on helping to reintegrate mentally ill people into the community or society, thus reducing the social stigma around mental illness.

This project is an initiative taken by the Occupational Therapy team working at Community Mental Health to train people with mental illness in various day-to-day activities such as personal hygiene, social skills training, job-related trainings and household activities.

​​​Turning from Usual: Immunoglobulins at your Doorstep
The goal of the Pediatric Home Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (SCIG) Therapy Program is to deliver patient-centered care in the comfort of the patient’s own home. It is a unique program that seamlessly progresses primary immunodeficient patients across the healthcare continuum setting.

This program is focused on improving the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of people with primary immunodeficiency diseases through advocacy and educating patients, caregivers, and families.