​​​Star of Excellence
Collaborative Approach to Weaning
The Chronic Ventilated Weaning program on the general floors of Hamad General Hospital (HGH) represents a multi-disciplinary approach that started in January 2015. This project involves comprehensive services designed by the multidisciplinary team to wean off patients from mechanical ventilation,  tracheostomy tubes and achieve the highest possible level of functional independence.

The project has implemented evidence-based medicine and created customized care plans for each patient that has led to significant.

​​​Rising Star
Home Monitoring of Cardiac Implantable Devices
The Heart Hospital has implanted more than 1,000 cardiac devices including 400 ICD’s, and 500 pacemakers, including approximately 200 home monitoring facilities.

Home Monitoring and Tele-Medicine has supported the improvement of patients’ quality of life, especially for those who have chronic diseases, by enabling safer monitoring from home and reducing the number of hospital visits.

​​​Awards of Merit
Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Genetic Testing in HMC
The Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Genetic Testing in HMC is the first laboratory in the entire Gulf region offering diagnostic genetic test for breast and ovarian cancer patients.

The establishment of this service in 2015 constituted a clear step toward promoting genomic development in Qatar. It resulted in improved quality of care for patients, better clinician confidence and higher efficiency and traceability in the test results.

​​Women’s Hospital - New Horizon, Integration of Bioethics into Clinical Practice
‘New Horizon, Integration of Bioethics into Clinical Practice’ is a unique, courageous and challenging project pioneered by the Women’s Hospital (WH) and led by the WH Ethics Committee. The initiative aims to introduce and integrate ethics into the clinical practice of women’s services. Ethical decision-making for women's health presents a series of unique challenges, such as moral uncertainty when ethical values, maternal and fetal interests come to a conflict.

The WH Healthcare Ethics Committee’s role is to analyze ethical dilemmas and to advise and educate healthcare professionals, patients, and families regarding difficult treatment decisions in a corporate-wide capacity.