​​​Star of Excellence
Automation of HMC Warehouses through Oracle E-Business Suite
The Automation of HMC Warehouses through the Oracle E-Business Suite project is focused on the optimization, automation and modernization of HMC warehouses.

To keep the project in motion, HICT worked together with the Supply Chain MnagementManagement (SCM) and the Ambulance SrvicesServices Group (ASG) departments to make their vision a reality and to continue the supporting departments’ commitment towards HMC’s primary goal of delivering safe, effective and compassionate patient care.

​​​Rising Star
HGH Operations Dashboard – Implementation
The HGH Operations Dashboard is a HIM Department project initiated in response to the need for an accessible and accurate overview of hospital data and metrics.

Since May 2017, HGH HIM has published detailed and summary versions of dashboards, three times a day.  The dashboard provides a current snapshot of the previous 24-hour activity which aids in decision-making. The dashboard continues to drive improvement in HGH.

​​​Awards of Merit
Workforce Planning in HMC
To meet the needs of a rapidly growing population, HMC plans to expand capacity across its network of hospitals’ workforce to approximately 35,000 by 2020.

In 2015, HMC’s Human Resources Department established a Workforce Planning team responsible for ensuring that workforce capacity and future capability requirements are aligned. The team has since developed a data-driven, evidence-based, and strategic Workforce Planning System through people, processes and tools focused on developing the optimal workforce for HMC.

Optimal Transport and Fleet Management
The ‘Optimal Transport and Fleet Management’ project was developed to create a system to control and monitor the increasing number of HMC vehicles.

By installing GPS devices on each vehicle,  the Transportation Department was able to monitor the specific activities of the vehicle, check its compliance against specified routes and check  and look for any deviation in operations. Since its implementation, the Transportation Department has provided a better customer service.