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Release of Medical Information Request Form

Please review the process and guidelines before submitting your request online 

The full set of guidelines are listed here 

The patient or their representative must provide these documents and information - please scan and include the details in the submission:

  • Patient’s Qatar ID
  • Patients Health Card number
  • If you are making a request for another person, please submit your Qatar ID.
  • Patient’s and/or representative’s mobile number
  • If the representative is requesting the information, the relationship to the patient must be documented

Please Note:

If the requester does not meet the eligibility criteria listed above, they can visit the relevant hospital and submit their request to an officer of the Health Information Management Department.

Timeframe for the completion of requested Medical Report/Copy of File

Within three working days

Within 14 working days

  • Laboratory Results
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Endoscopy Reports
  • Cardiology Reports
  • Neurophysiology Reports
  • Pulmonology Reports
  • Urodynamic Reports
  • Audiology Reports
  • Ophthalmology Reports
  •  Medical Report
  • Discharge Summary
  • Operative Report
  • Death Summary

Fitness and Disability Reports: These can be requested upon the completion of treatment

Please remember that if a representative is requesting the medical information on behalf of the patient they must submit the following information:

  • Enter patient representative name
  • State the relationship to the patient
  • Enter ID number
  • Enter mobile phone number
  • Email address​

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