​The Internal Medicine Department covers a broad spectrum of investigations and treatments of ailments ranging from infection to malignancies, and from degenerative diseases to metabolic disturbances.

Endocrinology is the discipline that investigates and treats disorders affecting the hormone-producing glands. Over activity or under activity of these glands may produce a wide range of signs and symptoms in patients of all ages. Diabetes is the most common endocrine condition, and this department is committed to providing optimal diabetic management in all forms of diabetes including gestational, type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 


Outpatient Clinics


Internal Medicine  

Opening Hours: Sunday 8am to 11.20am, Monday 8am to 11.20am, Wednesday 8am to 11.20am, Thursday 8am to 11.20am  

Location: Outpatient Department – Counter 2 

Opening Hours: Sunday 12 noon to 2.40pm, Monday 8am to 11:20am, Wednesday 8am to 11.20am 
Location: Outpatient Department – Counter 1
Contact (for both clinics): Outpatient receptionist 
Telephone: (+974) 4015 7888 
Fax: (+974) 4015 7770 
Please note that our emergency services (urgent care) are offered at any time, including after clinic hours, on weekends and holidays at the Emergency Department of The Cuban Hospital.