Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation (TBI):  Life Changing Treatments and Services at QRI

Our specialized team of brain injury experts includes neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, nurses, clinical social workers, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, speech and language pathologists. The team also includes other specialists who help our patients regain or improve lost or damaged brain function to help them return to the activities of daily living with as much independence as possible. Our specialists care for people with many types of brain injuries and understand that each patient is unique, with specific needs, capabilities and potential. They work hard to maximize our patients’ level of functioning so that they can return to their normal life with as much independence as before the injury.

For many of our patients, the first step on the road to recovery after emergency intervention is an inpatient stay for intensive therapy in QRI’s Traumatic Brain Injury Unit - a unique environment designed for their safety, comfort and care.

QRI then offers two programs which support our patients with their recovery when an inpatient stay is no longer required. Day rehabilitation is specifically for those who no longer need inpatient hospitalization but can benefit from multiple intensive therapies and continued monitoring by a physician. Outpatient rehabilitation is appropriate for those who need therapy on a less intensive basis.

Our traumatic brain injury patients are also supported by our community based rehabilitation (CBR) team which helps to transfer physical and intellectual skills from the hospital setting to real life. This includes patient and family education on reinforcing therapy recommendations at home, communication with the primary care physician to ensure continuity of care, and patient and family support groups.