We Understand Hospitals can be Scary Places for Children

For many children, a hospital stay in a place they are unfamiliar with and with people they don’t know can be frightening, particularly if they do not understand what is happening to them.

At QRI, our dedicated and professional pediatric specialists focus on supporting you and your child to cope with the stress of illness or injury. We offer child friendly rooms that are bright, attractive and welcoming and work with your child to reassure them and explain their hospital stay at a level they understand.

We also aim to foster a sense of normalcy and routine for every child in our care. Birthdays are celebrated, movies are watched and homework is done. Pediatric specialists work closely with our medical teams to provide children with fun and stimulating therapeutic activities to enhance the recovery process; allowing the child to feel safe and secure and  making the hospital experience less scary.

We also celebrate success and believe children should be made to feel special for getting through their rehabilitation treatment. We therefore mark the end of each child’s treatment with the ‘ringing of the bell’ to celebrate their accomplishments before they go home. The bell serves as fanfare to inspire children to work hard to complete their program, and also recognizes a job well done at the end.

Hope for Children with Brain Injuries…

To hear that your child has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is devastating for any parent.

At QRI, our compassionate and highly trained pediatric rehabilitation teams understand the pain and anguish of both parent and child, and are truly committed to the long road to recovery from brain injury.

We understand your child is facing challenges right now that most children don’t face and that you are concerned about his or her current abilities and continued development.

Whatever your child’s level of function, QRI is the right place with the right care to best address it. Our pediatric inpatient rehabilitation is, for many, the first step in treatment and offers intensive therapy and medical care. If your child only need services on an outpatient basis, QRI’s Day Rehabilitation service provides multiple intensive therapies and continued monitoring by a physician with the added benefit of returning home each day.

Our pediatric team is comprised of pediatric specialists from a variety of disciplines, including medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology, speech therapy and occupational therapy, and is dedicated to seeing your child overcome the challenges of brain injury. We believe that with early diagnosis and ongoing therapeutic intervention, the severity of symptoms may decrease and children and their families can have a much better chance of recovery.

Whether your child’s difficulties are physical, behavioral or sensory, QRI offers the latest, most comprehensive treatments and life changing services. These are delivered through individually tailored care plans aimed at improving each child’s level of function and subsequently their quality of life.