Aquatic Physiotherapy is a means of providing Physiotherapy using the properties and hydrodynamics of water by immersion of the patient in a Therapeutic pool with a therapeutic temperature ranging from 30 to 34 degree Celsius. 

The therapy session can be one on one where in therapist works with the patient in close contact to achieve preset goals measured on land.  In a semi supervised therapy session Physiotherapist will be present in a safe distance to assist the patient in performing exercises only when required and allows patient to explore movements and functional activities in a safe environment. 

In a supervised session, patient is water competent and shows the ability to perform exercises in water independently. Physiotherapist is available at a safe distance to offer support or assistance if the patient needs. Different concepts are used for treatment in water that are unique to Aquatic Physiotherapy. 

Eligibility criteria

Patient will be screened for any contraindications and safety before being accepted for pool. 

A direct referral from the Physician or by primary Physiotherapist.

Available locations

  • Rumailah hospital
  • Al Wakra Hospital
  • Bin Omran Physiotherapy Center
  • Qatar Rehabilitation Institute
  • Cuban Hospital