Prior to being admitted to hospital, you will receive an admitting card from outpatient clinic staff. Staff will also provide you with specific information regarding special procedures whilst scheduling your admission date. If you are coming for a planned procedure, please follow the doctor’s instructions regarding food and drink prior to admission.
Contacting the hospital
It is not necessary to contact the hospital prior to your admission to confirm your admission date. If you require a translator, this can be arranged before admission by contacting the nurse in charge. For those patients who use a wheelchair, it is not necessary to contact the hospital prior to admission.
Changes to your admission date
It is possible to change your admission date by contacting the treating physician through the relevant outpatient clinic. If you are unwell on the date of your admission you should also contact your treating physician by this means.
What should I bring?
For identification purposes, all patients should bring with them a: 
Valid health card 
Admission card 
Passport/Qatar ID/driving license
You are required to bring your list of medications bought from Hamad General Hospital (HGH) pharmacy and hand them to nursing staff. If you are taking any medication not supplied by the HGH pharmacy, please bring these with you and hand to nursing staff. All medications that you require will be supplied by the hospital during your stay. 
Once you have been admitted, the hospital will be able to provide you with prescribed medications. If you require a walking or hearing aid, please bring these with you. 
In terms of clothes/toiletries, you may wish to bring items such as personal toiletries and slippers or soft shoes. We advise patients to leave all valuables at home to avoid misplacing them.
Further information
Please note that children are not allowed to stay with patients on the wards. ​