Are you OK? Awareness campaign

"Making it easier for people to talk about mental health"

In today's busy world it is easy to become overwhelmed with the pressures of daily life. Everyone experiences feelings of stress, anxiety, and sadness at times throughout their lives and these feelings usually pass quickly. But for some people, these feelings persist and negatively impact on their mental health and emotional wellbeing.
Most people with mental health issues manage and resolve their symptoms through simple lifestyle changes, or by talking about it to friends and family.
But one of the main challenges for people who experience psychological distress is seeking help because of the stigma associated with it. This stigma often makes it difficult for people experiencing mental health symptoms to talk openly and to seek help.
This is why we have launched a national campaign to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing and to reduce the stigma. The campaign is being run under the theme “Are you OK?', and aims to encourage you to ask this simple question to people who you believe may be experiencing stress or anxiety.
By asking 'Are you OK?', and asking in the right way, you can help to start a conversation with someone who may be finding it difficult to speak openly about their struggles. Experiencing stress, anxiety and other mental health challenges is common and not something that we should be ashamed of. Simply talking about your feelings can help to relieve the pressure and begin the road to recovery.
So, throughout October, let's all make an extra effort to look out for people who may be struggling with the mental health, and ask them 'Are you OK?' 

A resource to support good mental health and wellbeing for the people of Qatar.

The website is an initiative of the Qatar National Mental Health Strategy (2013-2018). Objective 1 of the Strategy pledges to raise public awareness about mental health, reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and make mental health information resources widely available for the public.