1. Why is it necessary to complete CITI training when conducting human subject research?

All researchers (e.g., principal investigators, co-investigators, faculty sponsors, student investigators, as well as other research personnel) who have involvement with human subjects need to demonstrate a basic knowledge of human research ethics, regulations, laws and local policies prior to initiating research with human subjects. At HMC, such training is assure for all research personnel who are involved with human research subjects by completing an on-line program through CITI: www.citiprogram.org

2. Which are the compulsory CITI courses should be completed for human subject’s research at HMC?

All researchers must complete the following courses:
  • HMC Biomedical and Social Behavioral Researchers (HIPS) (ID: 46127)
  • HMC Biomedical Researchers (Basic Course) (ID: 42272)
  • HMC Clinical Trials Investigators (GCP) (ID: 42273)
  • HMC Social & Behavioral Researchers (Basic Course) (ID: 42274)
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) Course
You might be asked to complete some of the optional modules as well for some courses depending on the specific nature of your research project. If applicable, this will be communicated to you separately through the research office. All CITI courses are found on the CITI website.

3. What to do if I forgot my CITI Username or Password.

If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact the CITI Support Desk.
CITI Support Desk: citisupport@med.miami.edu

4. How can I Request CITI Completion Reports?

PI and research staff is responsible to keep track of CITI completion reports. These reports can be obtained by selecting the "Print Completion Report" button found when viewing your completed courses.

5. How often do I need to renew CITI?

To participate in ongoing research activities, the Social & Behavioral Research Basic, Biomedical Investigators Basic, or Data and Specimens module(s) must be renewed every 3 years by taking the corresponding Refresher Course.  Initial IRB approvals, modifications, renewals and other mid-research submissions will not be approved without verification of up-to-date researcher training.

Health Information Privacy & Security (HIPS) training and GCP do not require renewal.

6. How do I add additional or optional modules to my learner group?

Once you have logged into CITI you will select, Add a Course or Update your Learner Groups. Select the courses that you would like to add.

7. What is an elective module?

Some learner groups require the completion of one or two elective modules. Researchers will have the option to choose which elective module(s) they would like to complete out of a list provided by CITI. For example, elective modules are available for those researchers working with a vulnerable population. It will benefit each researcher to complete the elective module(s) specific to the vulnerable population they will be working with.

8. What score is required to pass each module exam?

An average score of 80% or higher is required in order to successfully complete a CITI training course.

9. If I do not pass a module exam, can I retake it?

Yes, the test modules may be taken as many times as needed. When you complete the test and do not pass, you can select Re-enter. This will allow you to select and retake any of the individual modules.

10. How often does the CITI training need to be completed?

Continuing education will be required every three years. Once the initial CITI modules are completed, users will complete refresher courses every three years. CITI offers an automated alert system to remind researchers, via email, that refresher or recertification training is due.

11. Who should I contact if I am having technical difficulties with the CITI training program?

CITI is a volunteer organization whose goal is to develop and distribute high quality, peer reviewed educational resources designed to raise awareness to the Responsible Conduct of Research for all members of the research team. CITI provides “Help Desk” support for users available during normal business hours to help learners with any problems they may have: Call Support  305-243-7970 or Send email to citisupport@med.miami.edu

Any questions regarding the CITI training courses that are not addressed in here can be emailed to Medical Research Center at research@hamad.qa.