Policy and Compliance

​JCI is an independent non-profit organization which provides evaluation and accreditation for healthcare organizations worldwide whose main focus is on quality and patient safety. Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) was formally recognized by Joint Commission International (JCI) for being the first healthcare organization in the world to have all its hospitals qualified under the JCI Academic Medical Center accreditation program.

JCI Standards for Academic Medical Centers include:

a) Medical Professional Education (MPE) Standards and

b) Human Subjects Research Program (HRP) Standards

This prestigious distinction was achieved following a comprehensive on-site survey by specialist JCI surveyors who evaluated all of HMC's eight hospitals against a set of stringent internationally approved healthcare standards. The 7 HRP standards under JCI for hospitals are:
  • Standard HRP.1
    Hospital leadership is accountable for the protection of human research subjects.

  • Standard HRP.1.1
    Hospital leadership complies with all regulatory and professional requirements and provides adequate resources for effective operation of the research program.

  • Standard HRP.2
    Hospital leadership establishes the scope of research activities.

  • Standard HRP.3
    Hospital leadership establishes requirements for sponsors of research to ensure their commitment to the conduct of ethical research.

  • Standard HRP.3.1
    When one or more of the research-related duties and functions of the sponsor are provided through an outside commercial or academic contract research organization, the accountabilities of the outside contract research organization are clearly defined.

  • Standard HRP.4
    Hospital leadership creates or contracts for a process to provide the initial and ongoing review of all human subjects research.

  • Standard HRP.5
    The hospital identifies and manages conflicts of interest with research conducted at the hospital.

  • Standard HRP.6
    The hospital integrates the human subjects research program into the quality and patient safety program of the hospital.

  • Standard HRP.7
    The hospital establishes and implements an informed consent process that enables patients to make informed and voluntary decisions about participating in clinical research, clinical investigations, or clinical trials

  • Standard HRP.7.1
    The hospital informs patients and families about how to gain access to clinical research, clinical investigations, or clinical trials and includes protections for vulnerable populations to minimize potential coercion or undue influence.
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