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The Hamad International Training Center (HITC) eLearning portal is a new and innovative way to deliver online courses to HMC’s staff, healthcare professionals and individual practitioners.

Healthcare professionals are continuously challenged to provide high quality care through quality and evidence based practice and research.

Our eLearning courses support healthcare professionals to be qualified and competent.

They support different styles of learning for multi-professional groups, with a wide range of video instruction and interactive tests. In addition, they are based on the latest developments in learning as well as the latest guidelines and quality standards in healthcare. 

Our courses and programs are an essential part of our delivery of the safest, most effective and most compassionate care to each and every one of our patients.

Completion of certain courses is a compulsory part of our JCI accreditation. To maintain our prestigious accreditation, it is important you undertake the course appropriate to your role.

When a course is successfully completed, staff will be able to print a Certificate of Completion and gain CPD points.

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Our Recent eLearning Courses

Conflict Resolution Course
Course Description:
Is conflict always negative? What are common causes of conflict? What can you do to help prevent conflicts from escalating?
This two-module course presents typical conflict situations in front-line healthcare settings and provides guidelines for responding constructively to them.
Risk Management Course
Course Description:
During this course you’ll learn how to identify, assess, and report risks and incidents in both HMC clinical and non-clinical areas.
There are four modules in the course. Depending on your role, you will take all or some of these modules.

Management of Information Course
Course Description:
In this eLearning course you will learn about your responsibilities when it comes to managing information--in particular, your role in keeping information secure and private. Common mistakes people make that can put information at risk of being stolen, misused, or lost also covered.

We recommend you use only Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to complete these courses.