​The Department of Medical Education created the Graduate Medical Education Committee on December 2007 in compliance with the ACGME International LLC institutional accreditation requirements. 

Our Graduate Medical Education Committee’s (GMEC) main responsibility is to oversee and support all aspects of GME training programs at HMC. It is considered to be one of the largest institutional committees at HMC and includes a wide membership ranging from the GME Office, program directors, hospital administration to HR and representatives of HMC’s residents.

The committee is chaired by Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal, Director of HMC’s Medical Education Department, as well as voting members of the GME leadership and hospital administration and HR and GME program directors. Membership of the GMEC also includes members and representatives from major institutions affiliated to HMC such as Weill Cornell Medical College, Primary Health Care Corporation and Sidra Hospital and Research Center. Non-voting members are also invited to address critical issues related to GME or the program’s ACGME International LLC accreditation.

The committee meets on a quarterly basis and all meeting proceedings and discussions are recorded and documented. Recommendations reached are then raised with HMC’s Managing Director for approval and endorsement. This ensures a continuity of support from top management and resolves any issues that may affect HMC’s GME programs or our ACGME International LLC academic accreditation. 

The committee focuses on ensuring that all GME programs comply with ACGME International LLC’s institutional, foundational and advance specialty program requirements and establishes and implements GME policies and procedures for graduate medical education programs, overall learning and the working environment at all training sites. It is also responsible for supervising residents, monitoring their duty hours, ensuring an appropriate mix of people in different programs, providing financial support for residents and programs, developing curricula and assessment tools for residents, evaluating programs and streamlining communication between program directors, faculty and administration at HMC. 

GMEC also conducts regular internal reviews of GME programs to monitor compliance with ACGME International LLC accreditation standards, identifies areas of non-compliance and reviews correction plans.​