Our values are an integral part of our culture and reflect our mission to serve the community both locally and globally.

Academic and clinical excellence:

  • ​Putting patients first
  • Training the next generation of healthcare professionals
  • Championing evidence-based practice
  • Pushing back​ the boundaries of knowledge by undertaking innovative and relevant world-class research



Working together in true partnership to foster our mission

Working in multi-disciplinary teams


Research and innovation:

Seeking to improve the healthcare of our community and the world by innovative healthcare practice, research and education

Fostering a culture of critical analysis and appraisal of all that we do

Undertaking responsible conduct by complying with the highest international standards of ethical human subject research


Social responsibility:

This underpins all that we do and will drive community wellbeing and economic development



Treating our patients and staff with honesty, decency and transparency

Valuing diversity, access and equal opportunity



  • Be professional in all that we do across our partnership