Saturday, 12 February 2022

Conference Day 3

Track Title

Cross-cutting Priorities in Preparation for the 2022 World Cup

Multidisciplinary Health Preparations for 2022 World Cup

Trauma System Preparations for the 2022 World Cup

Research Showcase

8am to 9am

Poster and Sponsor Exhibit Access

9am to 10am

Ensuring Sufficient Resources for Preparedness and Response to Major Incidents During Mass Gatherings

Moderator: Dr. Abdul Nasser Howaidi, MOPH

1) Title TBD - Dr. Mohamed Al Hajri, MOPH 

2) Hospitals CBRN Preparedness during Mega-sports Events – BG (ret) Ioannis Galatas, Greece 

3) The Role of Ambulance Services and Primary Health Care in Decreasing Hospital Emergency Department Overload – Dr. Abdulnasir Howaidi, MOPH

Travel and Disease

Moderator: Dr. Walid Osman Mustafa, MOPH

1) Does the World Cup help diabetes in Qatar? - Dr. Rayaz Malek, HMC

2) Things we wish we would have done differently – Dr. Bonnie Arquilla, US

3) MOPH Role in the Implementation of the Qatar Clean Program - Mubarak AlNaeimi, MOPH

Non-Clinical Elements

Moderator: Dr. Tulika Agarwal & Ms. Monira Mollazehi, HMC

1) Injury Prevention for the 2022 World Cup: something borrowed, something new – Dr. Rafael Consunji, HMC

2) Trauma Registry - Ms. Monira Mollazehi, HMC

Trauma Education & Fellowship Program: A core component of the Trauma System- Dr. Ruben Peralta, HMC

4) Prioritizing Holistic Trauma Care Through Activation of Psychology Service in Preparation for the World Cup and Beyond - Dr. Tulika Mehta Agarwal, HMC

Oral paper session #4

Moderator: Mr. Anan Albadawi, HMC

1) Successful Breastfeeding following a level II NICU stay in Qatar – a prospective study - Brijroy Viswanthan, Ahmed Tomerak, et al.

2) Reducing the number of rebookings of urgent in-person visits in general paediatric ambulatory clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic - Manasik Hassan et al.

3) Knowledge and Attitude of Postpartum Complications in Lebanese Women
Poor antenatal Care and neonatal outcome; Experience of a developing nation - Sufia Athar et al.

4) The Utilization of Emergency Services by Children with Asthma in Qatar - Dima Arafah et al.

5) Fuzzy Identification-Based Encryption for healthcare user face authentication - Devrim Unal et al.

10am to 11am

Mass Gatherings

Moderator: Dr. Mouyad Khalid, HMC

1) Successes and Challenges of Major Sporting Events in the Time of Covid19 - Dr. Ninglan Wang, WHO

2) Mass Gathering: digital applications for mitigations - Dr. Dalia Samhoori. WHO EMRO

3) Crowd control - Ms. Sheena Mccabe, HMC

Panel Session: Global Guide on the Security of Major Sporting Events

Moderator: Mr. Massimiliano Montanari, ICSS

1) Dr. Francesco Marelli, UNICRI 
2) Mr. Gordon Penney, SCDL 
3) Jorge Gonçalves Mauricio, INTERPOL 
4) Prof. Paul Arbon, AU 
5) Veronica Rovegno, WHO 

Clinical Elements

Moderator: Dr. Ibrahim Afifi & Dr. Zeenat Baksh, HMC

1) Pre-Hospital Care - Dr. Nicholas Castle, HMC

2) TRU - Dr. Husham Abdelrahman, HMC

3) Optimization of the Management of Major Trauma Hemorrhage & Massive Transfusion Protocols  - Dr. Ruben Peralta, HMC

4) Update in Trauma Coagulopathy - Dr. Sandro Rizoli, HMC

5) How a Trauma ICU Helps Football- Preparing for the FIFA 2022 World Cup - Dr. Gustav Strandvik, HMC

Oral paper session #5

Moderator: Mr. Nitesh Singh, HMC

1) First-line Treatment with Empagliflozin and Metformin Combination Versus Standard Care for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Disease in Qatar. A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis - Dina Abushanab et al.

2) Cost-effectiveness analysis of dapagliflozin in addition to standard therapy in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: A Qatari healthcare perspective - Dina Abushanab et al.

3) 24/7 Cold Chain Management System by Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) to support the National COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Program - Udaykumar Thampi et al.

4) Monitoring temperature and humidity in ambulance service rapid-response vehicles and paramedics medication bags: a pilot study - Ousama Rachid, Ahmed Makhlouf, Sarra Benammar et al.

5) Intravenous fluids in hot pre-hospital environments: thermal and physical stability of normal saline after exposure to simulated stress conditions - Ousama Rachid, Ahmed Makhlouf, Sarra Benammar et al.

11am to 12pm

Preparation & Planning

Moderators: Dr. Muhammad Ilyas, MOPH 

1) Building Society's Preparedness - Dr. Rayana Ahmad Bou Haka, WHO

2) WHO Academy: Mass Casualty Preparedness and Response in Emergency Units - Dr. Nelson Olim, WHO

3) Emergency Planners: the hidden heroes - Ms. Sheena Mccabe, HMC

Qatar Medical Students' Association Panel

How can Medical Students add value to Mass Gathering Medicine?

Moderator: Fardous Abbasher, QMSA


1. Mohamed Elmarasi, QMSA

2. Aishat Akomolafe, QMSA

3. Mohamed Eissa, QMSA

Trauma Nursing Preparations

Moderator: Mr. Emad Mustafa, HMC

1) Trauma Nursing Team Best Practice, Ms. Asmaa Mosa, HMC

2) Patient Flow and Capacity Management. Ms. Caroline Volker, HMC

3) Standards for Trauma Nursing Education, Mr. Karim Attallah, HMVC

4) Medical Missions (lessons learned and future plans) Mr. Aimade Hassine, HMC

Oral paper session #6

Moderator:  Dr. Salah Malas, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

1) Endovascular Treatment versus Microsurgical Clipping in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Haemorrhage: Patient Reported Outcomes - Arshad Ali et al.

2) Malignant Otitis Externa masquerading as Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma - A Diagnostic conundrum - Pramod Chirakkal et al.

3) Time to stent. Torso aortic injury in blunt trauma: Qatar experience - Suhail Yaq Hakim et al.

4) Disseminated Life Threatening Nocardia otitidiscaviarum Infection in a Young Female with Newly Diagnosed Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), case report and review of literature - Fatma Ben Abid et al.

5) Trauma in Pregnancy, The Golden Hour - Janoub Khazaal et al.

6) Labour epidural analgesia in an obese parturient with severe preeclampsia and scoliosis - Gisha Varghese Mathew et al.

12pm to 1pm

Poster and Sponsor Exhibits and Poster Rounds C


Plenary Lecture Session: Hosting Mass Sporting Events during COVID-19: Insights from CMOs Across the Globe

Moderators: Prof. Jon Patricios, Editor, British Journal of Sports Medicine 

Prof. Roald Bahr, Chair of the IOC Medical and Scientific Commission Games Group, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Pam Venning, CMO, Commonweath Games- Birmingham 2022
Margo Mountjoy, Events Medicine Specialist & IOC Medical Commission Games Group
Dr. Yacine Zerguini (TBC), CMO, Confederation of African Football (CAF) 

Innovations in Emergency Medicine Management

Multidisciplinary Health Preparations for 2022 World Cup

Regional Trauma Updates

Research Showcase

2pm to 3pm

Resuscitation for Mass Gatherings

Moderators: Dr. Nicholas Castle, & Dr. Hosam Khallaf Alla, HMC

1) Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation on the Sports Field – Dr. Abdo Khoury, France

2) Implementation of Prehospital ECMO for Refractory Cardiac Arrests During Mass Gathering – Prof. Pierre Carli – France

3) Preparing your Immediate Response Team for a Mass Gathering - Dr. Nicholas Castle, HMC

4) The FIFA Emergency Action Plan for on-pitch emergencies: where do we all fit in?– Dr. Celeste Geertsema, SCDL/ASpetar

Practical Approaches in Risk Reduction and Disaster Preparedness for FIFA 2022
Moderator:Dr. Somia Elfaki, HMC

Speakers: Dr. Moza Alishaq, HMC & Dr. Somia Elfaki, HMC

Live Q&A with speakers for 20 minutes.

ACS-MENA Session – Post-Covid ACS & Trauma Surgery

Moderators: Dr. Ismail Mahmood & Dr. Yousif Ibrahim, HMC

1) Beirut Explosion in the Pandemic Era: how to manage an MCE & lessons learned - Dr. George Abi Saad, Lebanon

2) Abdominal Trauma Management in Emergency Room - Dr. Abdel Hakim Elkholy, Egypt

3) The Impact of Teaching Bleeding Control to the Community on Trauma Management during the Sudan Revolution - Dr. Dia Ageib, Sudan

4) The effect of the COVID Pandemic on trauma services in Bahrain - Dr. Jamal Saleh, Bahrain 

5) Dr. Anees Nile, Iraq

Oral paper session #7

Moderator:  Dr. Fatma Ben Abid, HMC
1) Differences in platelet-rich plasma composition influence bone healing - Faez Saleh Al Hamed et al.

2) The role of antibiotic resistance mobile genetic element MCR-1 in enhancing bacterial survival in macrophages - Susu Zughaier et al.

3) The impact of Bariatric Surgery on the Absorption of Micronutrients: Animal Study - Ahmed Elqedra

4) Antibacterial activity of Myrtus communis L. and Melaleuca leucadendron var. cajaputi essential oils against antibiotic resistant bacterial strains - Susu Zughaier et al.

5) Staphylococcus aureus histone deacteylase-like enzyme is a potential target for adjuvant antibiotic discovery - Susu Zughaier et al.

3pm to 4pm

Preparing the ED for Mass Gatherings

Moderator: Dr. Mushreq Alani & Dr. Kilani, HMC

1) Are we Ready? – Ms. Enaam Saleh Al-Naemi, HMC

2) Multidisciplinary Health Preparations (for 2022 World Cup) to Respond to Major Incidents During Mass Gathering – Prof. Pierre Carli, France

3) How to make football safe in the scorching hot summers of Qatar? - Dr. Muna Al Musleh, SCDL

4) Hospital management of chemical /radiological casualties during the FIFA World Cup 2022: A hypothetical case – BG(ret) Ioannis Galatas, Greece

World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine Session

Moderators: Dr. Sagar Galwankar, US & Dr. Ayman El-Menyar, HMC

1. Disaster Ultrasound Course for Mass events - Dr. Sanjeev Bhoi, India 

2. Gaming and Simulation for Preparedness - Prof. Fatimah Lateef, Singapore

3. Engaging Community Stake Holders in Preparedness as The Pandemic Ravages - Dr. Alwi Abdul Rahman., Malaysia

4. Telemedicine in pandemic surges – Prof. Manish Garg, US

ACS-COT International Trauma Center Verification

Moderators: Dr. Sandro Rizoli, HMC & Dr. Ruben Peralta, HMC

1) Updates on the International Verification Process – Dr. Saud Al Turki, KSA

2) Virtual Accreditation: Reviewer Updates- Dr. Eileen. Bulger, US

3) Virtual Accreditation: The Wayne State Experience – Dr. Charles Lucas, US

4) International Verification: Qatar – Dr. Hassan Al-Thani, HMC

Effective Communication and Team Collaboration in a Multicultural Clinical Healthcare Environment: Challenges and Solutions

Moderator: Dr. Ahmed Alhammadi and Dr. Hatim Abdelrahman, SIDRA Medicine

1) Dr. Manasik Kamil Takrooni Hassan, HMC

2) Dr Magda Yousef, SIDRA Medicine

3) Dr. Hatim Abdelrahman, SIDRA Medicine

4) Dr. Ahmed Alhammadi, SIDRA Medicine

4pm to 5pm

Closing Plenary Panel Session: What is the future for mass gatherings, in the post-vaccine world?

 Moderator – Dr. Roberto Bertollini, MOPH

1) Dr. Dalia Samouri, WHO

2) Prof. Pierre Carli, France

3) Dr. Muna Almaslamani, HMC

4) Dr. Kristina Angelo, CDC, Atlanta

5pm to 5.30pm

Research Awarding Session [10 min] and Closing Ceremonies