Thursday, 10 February 2022

Conference Day 1

9am to 9.30am

Opening Ceremonies: A Celebration and Recognition of the National Efforts in Support

of Preparations for the 2022 World Cup and the Pandemic Response in Qatar

Emcee: Mr. Hassan Al Hail, HMC

Welcome Remarks: 

HE Dr. Hanan Al-Kuwari - MoPH

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus - WHO

Mr. Gianni Infantino - FIFA

HE Mr. Hassan Al-Thawadi - SCDL

Dr. Abdulwahab Al Musleh - Chair of Conference

9.30am to10am

Keynote Lecture: The Progress of Qatar’s Health Through the Years - Dr. Hassan Al-Thani, HMC

Keynote Lecture: Qatar’s Public Health Advancements Towards 2030 - Shk. Mohammed Al-Thani – MoPH

10am to 11am

Grand Plenary Panel Session: The Government Approach Towards the Pandemic

Moderator: Ms. Huda Al Katheeri

Dr. Abdulatif Al Khal, HMC

Dr. Salih Al Marri, MoPH

Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Al-Shahwani, MOI

 Dr. Suliman Al-Dakheel, Gulf Health Council

Dr. Ahmed Ouma, Africa CDC

11am to 12pm

Grand Plenary Panel Session: What has worked for mass gatherings during the pandemic in Qatar?

Moderator- Dr. Muna Al Musleh, HMC/SCDL

Dr. Amr Aboulwafa– Losail Circuit and Sports Club, WCMC-Q

Dr. Sameer Abdurahiman, HMC/SCDL

Mr. Brendon Morris, HMC

Mr. Gordon Penney, SCDL

Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Musleh, SCDL/HMC

12pm to 1pm

Opening of Poster Exhibits and Poster Rounds

Track Title

Cross Cutting Priorities in Preparation for the 2022 World Cup

Best Practice and Lessons Learned from Global Mass Gatherings

 Health Sector Preparations for Mass Gatherings

Public Health Preventive Measures in Response to Pandemics

1pm to 2pm

Emergency Response for Special Incidents in MG

Moderator: Mr. Leo Dote, HMC

1) The Training Programs of the NCPW to Confront Biological Weapons and Bioterrorism - Dr. Salwan Alani, NCPW

2) Antidotes Management in MCI - Denis Josse, France

3) Emergency Department Preparedness for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Events: An Australian Perspective - Jamie Ranse, AU

4) 1, 2, 3 of CBRN in a Mass Gathering - Dr. Nicholas Castle, HMC

Mass Gathering Experiences I

Moderator: Dr. Jameela Alajmi, HMC

1) Prevention of Infectious Diseases at Mass Gatherings – Dr. Saber Yezli, KSA

2) Plans for Mass Gatherings in Football Stadiums and Fan Zones– Dr. Abdo Khoury, France

3) Mass Gatherings and Public Health – The Experience of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games – BG (ret) Ioannis Galatas, Greece

Workforce Planning

Moderator: Dr. Mouyad Khalid, HMC

1) The Impact of Covid-19 on the Healthcare Workforce Implications for Mass Gatherings – Mr. Jim Campbell, WHO

2) Medical Staff Collaborators Program - In preparation for World Cup 2022- Mr. Michael John Bismonte, QRC 

3) Temporary and Locum Staffing – Mr. Brendon Morris, HMC

Preventing and Containing the Impact of Future Pandemics

Moderator: Dr. Khalid El Awad - PHCC

1) Global reflections and learnings on the pandemic response – Dr. David Heymann, UK & Dr. David Nabarro, WHO

2) Experience of Vaccination roll-out in managing the pandemic and ensuring a safe FIFA World Cup 2022 - Dr. Soha AlBayat, MOPH

2pm to 3pm

Health Facility Preparation

Moderator: Dr. Warda Alssad, HMC

1) State-of-the-Art Lecture: Preparing Hospitals for Major Incidents: Challenges and Solutions - Dr. Abdulnasir Howaidi, MOPH

2) Safety Culture in Health care - Mr. Leo Dote, HMC

3) Journey of Safety at HMC - Dr. Mona Mamdouh Sayed Selim, HMC

Mass Gathering Experiences II

Moderator: Dr Walid Osman Mustafa

1) State-of-the-Art Lecture: Lessons from the F1, FIFA and Olympics in Brazil- Dr. Antonio Marttos, US

2) NCAA Basketball – Dr. Justin Blackburn, US

3) On the Ground at the NYC Marathon– Dr. Mark Silverberg, US

Logistics & Infrastructure Planning

Moderator: Dr Nasr Alansari

1) Converting a Temporary Facility into a Health Facility- Dr. Khalid Saifeldeen, HMC

2) Engaging the private sector in COVID 19 Response: Sharing benefits and responsibilities - Dr. Mohamed Nour, MOPH

3) Drug Substitution: the solution in the COVID-era of sudden shortages in Qatar – Dr. Ahmed El-Bari, HMC

Public Health Communication:

Managing Pandemics in an Interconnected World: learnings from COVID-19 for Infodemic Management and Science Translation

Moderator: Dr. Mohamed Nour, MOPH

1) Listening and Infodemic management – experiences from EMRO - Dr. Dalia Samhouri, WHO

2) Learnings from the COVID-19 Infodemic – shaping the future -

Dr.Tina Purnat, WHO

3) Science literacy – why it is needed, how it can be strengthened -

Dr. Ramona Ludolph, WHO

4) Empowering communities for emergencies through science translation - Dr. Supriya Bezbaruah, WHO

3pm to 4pm

Plenary Panel Session: Scientific Contributions to the Pandemic Response; Informing Public Health (PH) Policy Decisions

Moderator – Dr. Naseer Ahmad Masoodi, HMC

1. The Use of Electronic Records for PH Research in Qatar – Prof. Laith Abu Raddad, WCMC

2.The establishment of the National COVID-19 Biorepository - Dr. Nahla Afifi, MoPH

3. Innovations in Testing Methods for PH - Prof. Patrick Tang, Sidra Medicine

4. Genetic Sequencing; a new tool for PH Response – Dr. Hadi Yassine, QU, Biomedical Research Center 

5. Monitoring Wastewater for Improving PH Response Capacities – Prof. Khaled Machaka, WCMC

4pm to 5pm 

Plenary Panel Session: What are the healthcare plans for the 2022 World Cup?

Moderator - Dr. Sayed Himat, MOPH

Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Musleh, SCDL/HMC
Dr. Salih Almarri, MoPH
Dr. Abdulatif Al Khal, HMC
Dr. Mariam Abdulmalik, PHCC
Col. Hassan Al-Kuwari, MOI

5pm to 6pm

Poster and Sponsor Exhibit Access