Dr. Fatima Ashkanani (Qatar)

Dr. Fatima Ashkanani, assistant professor in Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar, is a consultant physician specializing in ENT Allergy in Hamad Medical Corporation. She is involved in managing a good range of ENT allergy cases. She received training in therapeutic procedures, including subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy, and she provided allergen-specific immunotherapy to treat airborne pollens, insects, and insect venom allergies. She is experienced in managing food and drug allergy cases and offers a complete range of in-office otolaryngology care and services. Dr. Ashkanani graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree from Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain, and completed ENT residency in Hamad Medical Corporation. She holds a Fellowship in Allergy and Immunology and a Master’s degree in Allergy and Immunology from Southampton University, UK. Dr. Ashkanani is actively involved in various departmental and corporate committees. Her academic performance continues as she teaches and trains ENT residents and fellows. She is also an active researcher in allergy and is currently involved in allergy and immunotherapy-related research activity under the Medical Research center in collaboration with Allergy and Immunology Division.