Thursday, 24 March 2022
3:30pm to 8pm

Moderator: Dr. Zaina Rohani (Consultant Endocrinologist)


03:00-03:30 PM


Prayer ASR & Coffee Break

03:30-04:15 PM


Different presentations of Hyperprolactinemia and its challenges

Dr. Abeer Khaled Abdulrabb

04:15-05:00 PM


Overview of Secondary Hypertension and Adrenal Incidentaloma

Dr. Shaimaa Arroub

05:00- 05:45 PM

05:45-06:15 PM



Difficulties in Diagnosis and Treatment of Acromegaly
Dr. Zeinab Dabbous

Prayer MAGHRIB & Refreshments

06:15-07:00 PM


Primary Hyperparathyroidism in Elderly: Surgical vs Medical Therapy

Dr. Mohammad Khair

07:00-07:45 PM


Triglyceride Induced Pancreatitis: What’s Next in Management?

Dr. Elhadi Elouzi

07:45- 08:00 PM


Discussion and Wrap-Up


Learning Objectives:

Upon concluding this workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the work up of endocrine disorders and when to refer to endocrinologist.
  • Recognize the optimal management of most common endocrine disorders.


  • Dr. Elhadi Elouzi, Sr. Consultant - Endocrinology
  • Dr. Zeinab Dabbous, Consultant -Endocrinology
  • Dr. Shaimaa Arroub, Consultant - Endocrinology
  • Dr. Abeer Abdalrubb, Associate Consultant - Endocrinology
  • Dr. Mohammad Khair, A/Associate Consultant - Endocrinology 

Who should attend?

Open for anyone (Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, etc.) who has interest in this workshop.

CPD: 4