Thursday, 24 March 2022
3pm to 8pm

Moderator: Dr. Buthaina Ibrahim Alowinati (Sr. Consultant, Endocrine- Medicine Dept and Dr. Layla Nasser Al Hail (Sr. Consultant, Endocrine- Medicine Dept.)


There is an array of cardiovascular, microvascular and macrovascular complications that can result from uncontrolled metabolic state in diabetes. This session explains some of the common types of complications associated with diabetes and how to prevent it.


03:00-03:30 PM


Prayer ASR & Coffee Break

03:30-04:15 PM


Updates on Management of Type II Diabetic Mellitus in Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease and Cardiovascular Complications

Dr. Arwa Ebrahim Alsaud/ Dr. Ibrahim Al Janahi

04:15-05:00 PM


Novel Therapies for Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Mohamad Abufaied / Dr Amin Jayyousi

05:00- 05:45 PM


Diabetes and the Eye: From Screening to Advanced Retinopathy.

Dr. Nadya Al Buainain

05:45-06:15 PM


Prayer MAGHRIB & Refreshments

06:15-07:45 PM


Screening and Prevention of complications in Diabetic Foot - Case Based Discussion

Dr. Talal Khader Team

07:45- 08:00 PM


Discussion and Wrap-Up

Learning objectives:

Upon concluding this workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the work up of endocrine disorders and when to refer to endocrinologist.
  • Recognize the optimal management of most common endocrine disorders. 


  1. Amin Jayyousi, Sr. Consultant - Endocrinology
  2. Ibrahim Al Janahi, Sr. Consultant -Endocrinology
  3. Talal Khader- Sr. Consultant – Podiatry
  4. Nadya Al Buainain, Associate Consultant -Ophthalmology
  5. Arwa Ebrahim Alsaud, Clinical Fellow-Endocrinology
  6. Mohamad Mahmoud Elmabrok Abufaied, Clinical Fellow-Endocrinology 

Who should attend?

Open for anyone (Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, etc.) who has interest in this workshop.

CPD: 4