​Workshop sessions are scheduled to be 3-hours long and will require an interactive format to facilitate active learning, such as discussion, activities, small group role-plays. The workshop focuses on a particular issue or topic relevant to mental health services and maximizes audience participation. At least 25% of the total allotted time must be devoted to questions and answers, or to group interaction – remember this is NOT a lecture. The applicant arranges the chairperson; the maximum number of presenters should not exceed 1 chairperson and 2 co-presenters.

Workshops can be presented in either English or Arabic

Submissions should include an outline of the workshop objectives:
  • Background
  • Who should attend
  • Structure of workshop
  • Intended outcomes
Checklist for your submission:
The workshop abstract (which should not exceed 500 words) should be a concise description of results, findings, and outline the importance of presentation and highlight the author’s credentials to present on this topic.

Please include:
  • The title of the workshop
  • Participants information including names, affiliations, and profiles (bios)
  • Please describe in the abstract the technique used by presenters to create an interactive environment (i.e. small groups).
  • The workshop can be held in English or Arabic and hence abstracts can be submitted in English or Arabic.
Learning Objectives
  • Every abstract must be accompanied by three learning objectives. These are additional to the 500 word abstract.
  • Learning objectives should answer questions such as: “What will people in the audience gain or learn from attending this presentation?” (Don’t say what you are going to teach, but what they are going to take away from the session) and “How is this topic/issue relevant to mental health services and mental health issues?”
  • Workshop topics should focus on:
    o Medical
    o Nursing
    o Research
    o Quality
    o Leadership
    o Administration
    o Mental Health prevention and promotion