Friday 10th February 2023 from 6.15 pm to 8.45 pm

ITQAN Clinical Simulation and Innovation Centre




Symposium 1 (AstraZeneca)

6.15 pm to 6.45 pm

ERS Updates in Asthma Management

Dr Merlin Thomas (Qatar/HMC)

6.45 pm to 7.10 pm

Clinical Remission in Severe Asthma

   Dr Mona Al-Ahmad (Kuwait)

7.10 pm to 7.35

 Benralizumab Hands-on Experience

Dr. Mohammed Abuzakouk (UAE)

Symposium 2 (Takeda)

7.35 pm to 8 pm

Latest Updates in HAE Management

Dr. Ramzy Ali (Qatar/HMC)

8 pm to 8.05 pm

Questions and discussions

Symposium 3 (GSK)

8.10 pm to 8.40 pm

Chairperson: Dr. Mohammed Abuzakouk (UAE)

Clinical Remission: Defining more ambitious endpoints for Severe Asthma Patients

Dr. Iman Naser (Oman)


8.40 pm to 8.45 pm

Questions and discussions