​​​​​​Star of Excellence
Different Sites, Same Service ​​​

This project is a collaborative work between Al Wakra Hospital, Heart Hospital, and Ambulance Services. This project was developed to facilitate transfer of patients with heart attack, Acute Coronary Syndrome from Al Wakra Hospital to Heart Hospital.

​Rising Star Award
Cost-Effective Approach in Cancer Diagnosis and Care

This project from the National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR) aims to change the culture from ‘person-dependence’ to ‘process-dependence’ resulting to a timely diagnosis and efficient workflow that leads to increased patient care, safety and satisfaction and staff safety.

​Award of Merit
Nursing Care Beyond Tradition

This program implemented a specialty nurse-based dialysis care model in Hamad General Hospital (HGH). HGH Dialysis Nurse Specialists (DNS) played an integral part in redefining evidence-based patient care guidelines.

​Award of Merit
Pain is Real: But so is Hope - Project in CTICU 

Post-operative pain is a major concern in Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (CTICU). This project eliminated the delay in prescribing, preparing and administering the pain medication. It reduced patients' anxiety by providing immediate access to pain relieving medication.