​​​Star of Excellence

Qatar’s first Nurse-run Pre-Anesthesia Clinic in ACC

By the end of 2017, the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) introduced the first nurse-run pre-operative assessment clinic in Qatar with the following aims: 
  • To improve patient experience by reducing the patient’s anxiety by providing patients with enough knowledge and information about the procedure they would be undergoing 
    To establish a ‘One-Stop’ clinic model where patients are able to see the surgeon, anesthetist and phlebotomist on the same day 
    To increase the number of patients seen by PAAC nurses as opposed to patients seen by physicians by ASA classification
    To improve cost efficiency by HMC by utilizing trained nurses to assess the patient in the PAAC, thereby reducing the number of anesthetists in the clinic to one. 
    To reduce the number of cancellations due to on day of admission.
After the implementation period, the highly trained nurses started seeing patients classified as ASA 1 and ASA 2 that allowed physicians to concentrate on and spend more time with critically ill patients. 

Patient experience was also improved because it allowed patients to spend more time in nurse led clinics which provided them additional information and knowledge about their health, therefore reducing their anxiety.

​​​Rising Star

Applying Technology-based Treatments to Improving Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a complex condition and requires coordination of multiple multi-disciplinary services and providers therefore integration of effort is critical to establishing a comprehensive and high quality patient service. 

By providing 24/7 support from Diabetes Educators and Physicians, patients can obtain advice and support when needed to better monitor and self-manage their condition. Furthermore the integration of TADU into the main adult services means that these patients can receive all their routine care and screening in one location rather than attending multiple appointments in several locations.


​​​Awards of Merit

Improvement in functionality of MHS Day Care Unit

In 2013, Qatar National Mental Health Strategy put forward a very ambitious plan for transforming Qatar’s mental health services into a community-based model of care with strong emphasis on quality principles and safety concepts. This started the transformation journey of ACMHS.

In order to fulfill our goal, two main domains were determined: To work closely with patients and their family and community to enhance mentally ill patient recovery, wellbeing, self-awareness and engagement within the society and assess the impact of this on patients, their families and the community.

Day care programs in mental health settings play an important role not only in the rehabilitation of mentally ill patients, but also as an alternative to inpatient admission.

To address safety concerns for patients due to the lack of a proper entrance attributed to the layout of the building, the Daycare Unit has undergone two phases of renovation.


Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA)

The e-Referral project is working at improving the outpatient services by implementing the “Better Together” partnership with PHCCs, OPDs and various other stakeholders: 
  • Ensuring effective patient care experience
  • Improving interaction between healthcare organization providers
  • Assuring effective transfer of care
  • Improving the quality and consistency of the patient information
  • Improving patient access and reducing waiting times for a new outpatient appointment