​​​Star of Excellence

National Organ Donation Campaign

The main objectives of this project were to raise awareness of organ donation, increase the number of organ transplants done in Qatar, develop a donor registry and educate people of the importance of transplantation in saving lives. 

The impact on the rate of both living and deceased donation is outstanding. The quality of service has improved over the last 5 years, no mortality and no loss of graft. Living donation has increased 20 times more and deceased donation has increased 8 times more. The donor registry has 322,000 current registrants.  The number of renal and liver transplantation in Qatar has increased tremendously.

​​​​Rising Star

Electronic Referrals from PHCC to HMC

This project was led by RBMS, HICT and PHCC under the leadership of the Outpatient Service Improvement Program. This project involved changing the existing technical referral design to handle electronic referrals from PHCC. Operational modifications had to be made to processes and workflows at all 24 PHCCs and all 17 HMC facilities to handle new referrals.

The E-referral project is working at improving Outpatient services by implementing the “Better Together” partnership with PHCCs, OPDs and various other stakeholders: 
  •  Ensuring effective patient care experience
  •  Improving interaction between healthcare organization providers
  •  Assuring effective transfer of care
  •  Improving the quality and consistency of patient information
  •  Improving patient access and reducing waiting times for new outpatient appointments

​​​Awards of Merit

ACC-ENT Patient Experience: Story of Achievement

In the first quarter of 2018, ENT as a surgical specialty was transferring to ACC. After the transfer, ACC was very keen to improve its practice with respect to its delivery of care. Two changes in practice that would have a significant impact on the patients were therefore planned: Same day admission and calling the patients after they had been discharged and had spent one day at home. 
The outcome of this project has shown a tremendous impact on our patients and staff. The project goals achieved are as follows: 
  • Full implementation for all elective ENT ASA1&2 inpatients.
  • No cancellations or delays in surgery due to same day admission by the end of the project.
  • Reduction in LOS by one full day.

M-Tawasol - HMC’s First Enterprise Mobile App

The project aims to rollout an enterprise wide mobility app M-Tawasol for HMC employees that will help employees access commonly used Oracle Self-service 7 functions as a pilot service through their smartphones and mobile devices. 

This project has enabled convenience pertaining to the usage of HR Self services easily and securely. 

After the implementation of the M-Tawasol App, the live functions that include Leaves, My Personal Details, Employment Details, Exit Permit, Pay slip and Approvals can be accessed on staff mobiles and tablets at any time.