​The Al Mutawa office offers spiritual support and Islamic advice to all patients and visitors of The Cuban Hospital. 
  • To create awareness of Islamic issues related to mercy, kindness and good conduct etc.
  • To facilitate communication with doctors with the aim of educating them further in Islamic knowledge and culture; instilling the importance of certain characteristics such as patience and charitable work, while at the same time maintaining their professional conduct
  • To accommodate spiritual needs and provide spiritual treatment and Ruqya for those who request it
  • To utilize the Qatari culture of looking after guests with kindness and generosity in a prompt manner
  • To create awareness around potentially harmful activities such as smoking and to participate in related national projects
  • To create awareness of the Islamic concept of maintaining good health
  • To provide Islamic ruling (Fatwa) and Islamic consultation for patients and visitors
  • To offer Ruqya (Islamic readings) for those patients who request it
  • To encourage faith based testimony to those who are passing away
  • To provide informative literature and media to raise awareness of faith relevant issues
  • To heighten awareness and sensitivity of Islamic practices to non-Muslims
Al Mutawa Office

The Al Mutawa Office is located by the cashiers near the main foyer and is open Sunday to Thursday 7:30am to 1:30pm, and two evenings a week on Monday and Wednesday 3:30pm to 9:30pm.