​Patients will not be seen as outpatients at the hospital without an appointment. Outpatient appointments can be arranged by contacting: 


Children's Rehabilitation Day Care:

Head Nurse Office: (+974) 4439 7371 

Secretary: (+974) 4439 3215 

Nurse Station: (+974) 4439 3285 

Activity Room: (+974) 4439 3285 

Unit Email address: childrehab-daycare@hamad.qa


Dermatology Clinic: 


Head Nurse Office: (+974) 4439 3636 

Secretary: (+974) 4439 7280 

Fax: (+974) 4439 3058 

Nurse Station: (+974) 4439 3628 (Male) / 4439 3363 (Female) 

Unit Email address: dermatologyclinic@hamad.qa


Plastic Surgery Clinic 


Head Nurse Office: (+974) 4439 3181 

Reception: (+974) 4439 3337/3361 


Rehab and Geriatric Clinic


Head Nurse Office: (+974) 4439 3181 

Fax: (+974) 4439 7089 

Unit Email address: rehab-opd-daycare@hamad.qa

You are advised to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment is due. We endeavor to see patients as quickly as possible but waiting times will depend on your arrival time and the status of the clinic. It is preferable that you bring water and food with you (unless otherwise instructed by your physician or appointment letter), in case your wait is longer than expected. Friends or relatives are permitted to attend appointments with you.
What should I bring?
Outpatients should bring the following to their appointment:
  • Valid health card
  • Passport/ID copies
  • Appointment card
  • Referral letter for initial appointments
  • Fees (for non-Qatari patients)
You should also bring all your medical documents and prescriptions (in their original containers).​