To be eligible for consideration all applicants must:
  • High school graduate
  • Show aptitude for and the potential to become an effective member of the Hamad nursing staff after graduation
  • Qatari National, holder of Qatari travel documents, child of a Qatari mother, a GCC national living in Qatar, child of long term residents (10+ years), current member of staff at HMC, or their children, who have lived in Qatar for 10+ years.
  • Meet or exceed UCQ’s academic entrance criteria:
    • For Qataris, Qatari travel document holders and children of a Qatari mother a GPA of 60% or higher is required
    • For GCC nationals living in Qatar and all other groups a GPA of 70% or higher is required

Additionally, acceptance on to the program will be dependent on:
  • Transfer of sponsorship to HMC at the beginning of the study period
  • Signing a contract and letter of intent to commit to the program. This will include:
    • Formal commitment  to a term of post graduating  employment at least equal to the length of the study period
    • Formal commitment to reimbursing HMC for the tuition and scholarship fees and any allowances if the commitment is broken before completion.
    • Medical and Ministry of Interior clearance