• 12/5/2023

    The origin of INSIGHTS is through the collaborative efforts of the HHQI team who are working tirelessly to ensure that we are on track in the realization of our mission to drive and support a person-centered learning healthcare system through improvement collaborative strategies. HHQI is geared to building capacity and capability, utilizing the science of improvement, and building efficiency and reliability across the healthcare system in the State of Qatar.

    INSIGHTS is one of the platforms to share more about our programs and collaboration as we continue to advance our efforts in providing innovative improvement initiatives for Hamad Medical Corporation and the greater region.

    NOTE: Below text is based on the issue posted as shown in the photo (R)

    We are honored that we have reached our 32nd INSIGHTS newsletter. Ms. Nadya Al Anzi, Executive Director of Private Nursing Services, shares her leadership message on this issue, recognizing the HHQI work and programs. It also highlights the collaborative learning sessions, inspiring and learning stories by Ms. K Theresa Thomas, interesting quality insights plus the Joy at work corner and much more.

    Our heartfelt thanks to all our readers and those who have contributed to our HHQI INSIGHTS.