Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute (HHQI) was established with the vision of improving the quality of healthcare within Hamad Medical Corporation, the State of Qatar and the greater region. 

HHQI successfully positions patients at the core of its operational framework and places key focus on designing new systems and processes whilst developing a more capable Quality Improvement Capacity & Capability. HHQI establishment is a catalyst for change and transformation. 

HHQI builds on and complements existing quality improvement activities within HMC. It supports its vision of delivering the safest, most effective and most compassionate care to each one of our patients. HHQI has further evolved from an initial focus solely on HMC, to one centered on the opportunity for system wide change across Qatar by working across a range of providers to build quality improvement capability. 

It is with this aim that HHQI is now being developed as the National Institute for quality improvement in Qatar, to act as the catalyst to enable system-wide transformation. A transition to the National Institute provides HHQI with an opportunity to recognize itself and support and engage with other providers across Qatar in improvement efforts aligned with the new National Health Strategy II, which is rooted in achievement of the Triple Aim.