​The Communicable Disease Center (CDC) provides an array of preventive public health services in an ongoing effort to raise awareness of illnesses of particular public importance and enhance good health initiatives. CDC contributes to the following:
  • Overseeing the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) program. SARS is a viral respiratory illness caused by the corona virus (SARS-CoV). The CDC plays a key role in the identification, treatment, and management of SARS and other highly infectious illnesses in times of epidemics and pandemics, which makes it unique in the region. The CDC will be initiating preventative measures in identifying outbreaks, managing them, and strengthening Qatar’s response to health threats they may pose to the country.
  • Co-leading the celebrations of important World Health Organization (WHO) annual events with the Ministry of Public Health and WHO, such as World AIDS Day, World TB Day, and Immunization Day to help raise awareness with the general population of communicable diseases, how to identify them and what action to take
  • Providing immunizations for adults and children as necessary
  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, implementing the TB Elimination Program which aims to use all possible public health measures to enable Qatar to eliminate TB, as per the WHO goals. The program aims to monitor and prevent the spread of TB within the community, as well as ensuring that people already affected have easy access to the highest standards of care at the CDC. The Program is based on education and research that will advance knowledge on TB, enhance care for patients, and support efforts to eliminate TB.
  • Reporting of statistics on incidents and outcomes to the Ministry of Public Health and WHO to enable the continuous development of public health programs to eliminate communicable diseases